PHOENIXVILLE -- Phoenixville Public Library today announced a partnership with Target in recognition of its efforts in early childhood literacy. The Library's Storytime gives children emergent literacy skills. Emergent literacy is defined as a child's acquisition of the pre-literacy skills needed for success in school.

These skills include understanding the relationships between symbols and sounds as well as the early concepts of numeracy. The importance of emergent literacy skills are borne out in statistics.

The Center for Benefits-Costs Studies at Columbia University reports that a high school graduate earns $267,000 more than a non-graduate over a lifespan. And for each high school graduate there is a lifetime savings of $127,000 in the cost of welfare support.

These numbers alone demonstrate not only the importance of the existence of the program, but the importance of making it more effective and efficient.

Literacy is a tool to help individuals be successful. The Phoenixville Public Library's mission is to provide access to information and services that address the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community the library serves.

The Library is the 3rd busiest in Chester County and has the most popular children's programming of all of the Chester County Library System branches. Services, at 610.933.3013 x27.

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