The President's oratory can not hide the fact that he wants this Nation to go down a path where the Federal Government replaces the private sector health insurance system over time. His assertion that the public option is only a dose of competition to private insurers is misleading.

He says that the government will not force you into the public plan but he chose his words carefully. It won't force you but when the government sets the rules that are preferential to the public option and makes the government plan cheaper, there is no real competition.

There is only a slippery slope toward a government - run health plan that will explode in cost and result in increased taxes and/or premiums for both businesses and consumers that will make our present health insurance premiums look like a summer picnic. His plan for health care is social engineering plain and simple.

The President's refusal to back away from public option demonstrates a reality that he chooses not to see.

The American people do not want expensive social experimentation. What they want is to reduce health care costs through such notions as real medical malpractice tort reform where defensive medicine drives up both numbers of health treatments (defensive medicine) and their costs to the system.

He mentioned the overuse of diagnostic tests but what will convince doctors to perform fewer tests besides real tort reform? His plans are silent on tort reform despite his applause line to the Republicans.

By saying that he wants to be the last President who addresses health care reform, President Obama reveals his true goal is to radically change America's health care system despite his reassurances to the contrary.

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