KWS students experience wilderness

Photo provided From left, Hagay Haut, Aidan Gross, Jacob Tucker and Hytham Hanna, all students at the Kimberton Waldorf School, are participating in a six-month, 600-mile excursion.

The donation is in support and recognition of the West End Fire Company's firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians' service to the community and hospital, said Brian Torrence, marketing and public relations assistant, Phoenixville Hospital.

"We wanted to support the mission of the West End Fire Company," Torrence said. "We receive requests for donations and the hospital, as a whole, review the requests and make donations throughout the year."

West End Fire and Ambulance Company #3 began providing Advanced Life Support (ALS) services, in addition to Basic Life Support (BLS) services, for Phoenixville Borough and many of the surrounding townships in October, 2002, continuing the tradition begun by Medic 95 nearly 15 years ago.

Steve Hare, executive director, West End Fire and Ambulance Company, said he received word from the hospital that the company would be receiving this donation.

"We were surprised to hear about it," said Hare. "We are appreciative in receiving this donation. We've already put the money to good use."

Hare said the donation was used for the much-needed renovation of the crew quarters of the firehouse.

"The stuff we've had here was donated to us years ago," Hare said. "We felt it was time to make some changes. We've purchased a couple of new sofas, tables and chairs for the crew. We want to make this place as comfortable as possible."

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