PHOENIXVILLE - Kevin B. Mahoney, chief executive director, Phoenixville Hospital, said Thursday that he will be leaving the hospital effective July 1, the anticipated sale date of the hospital to Community Health Systems (CHS).

Mahoney said with the University of Pennsylvania Health System's ownership of the hospital expected to change over to CHS on July 1, his responsibilities have been reassigned.

"This decision was mutual between myself and Penn," said Mahoney. "I've been a Penn employee for eight years now and this is another step in my career with them. I am looking forward to my next challenge with Penn."

The challenge Mahoney speaks of is being named the new vice president for the Center for Advanced Medicine, located at 34th and Civic Center Boulevard in Philadelphia.

Mahoney said he began his career with Penn in 1996 in network development in Philadelphia. From 1997 to 1999, he was the Chief Operating Officer for Clinical Care Associates (CCA), a 200-physician primary-care network for the hospital system in South New Jersey.

In early 2000, Mahoney was promoted to Executive Director of CCA, and retains that position, even though he also replaced Richard Seagrave as the Executive Director of the Phoenixville Hospital in October 2000.

During his tenure at Phoenixville Hospital, Mahoney has worked on such projects as expanding the Cancer Center, the growth of the Limerick campus, the Surgery Center, NICU and the open-heart program.

Mahoney has also played a vital role in the proposed sale of the hospital.

"The sale of the hospital to CHS is a promising new beginning for Phoenixville Hospital," said Mahoney. "The committed capital will quickly address many of the facility constraints."

Mahoney said that CHS will be in charge of naming his successor.

"CHS has undertaken a search for the new CEO and expects to have the selection process completed shortly. It will be their decision," said Mahoney. "I will be around to help out in the transition. It isn't uncommon that with a sale of this nature, that the incoming ownership would want to hire their own management. I won't be moving from the area. I'll still be, and always will be, close to Phoenixville."

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