Good Samaritan Shelter seeks to offset roof replacement costs

The roof on this white stucco building owned by Good Samaritan Shelter on High Street needs to be replaced. Photo courtesy of Good Samaritan Shelter

A Phoenixville nonprofit that helps community members in need now finds itself in need of the community's help.

Two homes on High street that are owned by Good Samaritan Shelter (GSS) have a leaking roof that needs to be replaced, and the shelter is hoping for donations to make the $6,000 repair possible.

GSS owns five houses in Phoenixville that it uses to provide shelter and provisions to homeless men in the community. In addition, the shelter provides their residents with additional support and resources, such as counseling, in an effort to help the men get back on their feet.

Nate Hoffer, executive director of GSS, said the leaking roof is affecting two of their homes, which provide shelter to eight men each day. Four men live in each home - three residents and one house manager.

'We want to provide the men in our care with a safe and comfortable living environment, so this is an issue we need to get taken care of. The roof is probably over 25 years old,' remarked Hoffer.

'A couple of months ago we noticed it was leaking and started the process of soliciting bids and coming up with a plan to replace the roof,' he said. 'They have not collapsed. We had a home inspection done a few months ago and it was discovered that the roof needed to be replaced, and since that time it has started to leak.'

Hoffer said funds raised will go directly toward repairing the roof, which will be done by Rutter Roofing. Shingles have been donated by CertainTeed for the project.

'We are a community organization that relies on the support of our neighbors. Providing care and services to people experiencing homelessness is an important task and makes the community a healthier place to live,' said Hoffer.

Robyn McNeal, who works at GSS, said they hope to have the renovations completed by the end of August, with the support of the community.

'When I think of community, I think of people working together to benefit all individuals, including those who have fallen on hard times,' McNeal said. 'This project will enable us to keep our residents warm and safe as they strive to regain their independence. In many ways, helping others helps everyone.'

Those who wish to make a tax deductible donation to help with the roof repair may do so by sending a check to Good Samaritan Shelter, P.O. Box 551, Phoenixville, PA 19460 or by visiting

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