As a formulator, Persico takes whole plant material and digests them into fixed oils, much in the same way that a cake is baked, although he said mixing to make his products stable so that they don't separate is much more difficult than baking. Bringing together the proper temperature, timing and proportions of ingredients is vital, according to Persico.

"I really love to bring the power of plants to people," Persico said at Kimberton Whole Foods on Monday. "The life of plants is missing from our lives and I want to bring that life of plants into peoples lives."

The 39-year-old divorced father has lived in Phoenixville for the past three-and-half years. He also fabricates concrete counter tops.

As part of the Galens Way line of products, Persico designed and completely markets himself, including the label design. Products include a Riot of Roses Creme, Riot of Roses Beautiful Body Lotion, A Riot of Roses Cleanser and Toner, Skin Salve*ation and Lip Salve*ation.

Lip Salve*ation is a strong seller and is similar to a salve, according to Persico because it is "a bit heavy."

"I don't think there's another lip balm on the market this effective," said Persico. "I have seriously studied and researched all the other balms on the market."

A Riot of Roses Creme is a facial creme that is highly effective for control of red skin conditions. The moisturizer is made from green tea and seaweed, lavender and is rose-based.

Persico said that 110 formula procedures costing $6,000 were needed during a two-and-half-year period to correctly formulate the rose creme.

"When I finally got a product that I was happy with, I felt like I could rest and sleep," he said.

Galens Way products will never contain sunflower oil, safflower or peanut oil. Many of Persico's products feature roses.

"I'm in love with roses," said Persico. " Everything about this one essential oil that hits every single olfactory note of smell, from low note to the high notes. When you smell roses it fills your being with love and euphoria."

Persico attended California herbal schools for four years. He attended the California School of Herbal Study in Sonoma County and the Evergreen Learning Center located outside Sacramento.

Galens Way products are available at Kimberton Whole Foods and are 100-percent guaranteed. Kimberton Whole Foods Employee Sarah Scandone was ecstatic about Persico's line of therapeutically active herbal products.

"These multi-purpose skin care products contain the purest ingredients possible with a wide range of exceptional benefits," said Scandone.

Liz Trumper, of the Apothecary Customer Service department at Kimberton Whole Foods, strongly recommended the rose creme.

"I've had wonderful results." said Trumper. "Very Therapeutic. Customers have noticed that it really improved the redness problem I had, which rose is known for."

Kimberton Whole Foods is a healthy whole foods market that evolved from a small farm store on the biodynamic gardens of Kimberton Farms. The store provides healthy and whole some products including organic produce, fresh organic meats and fishes, grocery items, a natural cafe, an apothecary, beauty products and unique gifts.

Persico will demonstrate his line of health products on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2004, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Kimberton Whole Foods.

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