According to court testimony, Otis Crawford, 31, of the 200 block of High Street, Phoenixville, was once employed at the Kimberton Wawa, Township Line Road & Route 113, when a deposit bag was discovered missing on Wednesday, July 6.

Jane Murray, general manager, Wawa, said she was with Crawford on Tuesday, July 5, teaching him how to reconcile the register tills.

"We counted out all of the money from the registers," said Murray. "I was teaching him how to do that. Otis was to put the money in the safe so it could be counted again the next day. There were three bags to be twirled into the safe."

Murray testified she was contacted the next day by her assistant manager, informing her that a bag, which was to contain $193.51, was missing.

"Otis was to twirl three bags into the safe. I was there with him, but didn't watch him do it," she said. "I gave no permission for anyone to have the envelope nor to take it out of the store."

Murray said that the bag was recovered when she received a phone call by Terri Acevedo, manager, Pennsylvania House Hotel.

"She called and said that she had something for me," said Murray.

Assistant District Attorney Miranda James brought in the missing deposit bag into evidence. Murray acknowledged that was the same deposit bag that was missing.

Acevedo said that on July 29, she was cleaning one of the rooms, which happened to be Crawford's old room, when she moved the sofa.

"I lifted the cushions and found the deposit bag," said Acevedo. "The bag was marked Wawa and inside were receipts with July 5 on them."

Acevedo testified that Crawford gave the room keys to her on July 27, and no one else had access to the room until she went in on July 29.

"I never show the rooms to renters until it is cleaned," she said. "I returned the bag to Wawa management."

Murray said that Crawford is no longer employed at Wawa.

After hearing all of the testimony, District Justice Ted Michaels held the charges over for trial.

Crawford is charged with theft by unlawful taking or disposition; and receiving stolen property.

He remains released on $2,500 unsecured bail.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, December 8, 2005.

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