The board adopted Resolution 2004-20, which authorized East Pikeland Township to petition Charlestown Township to join their existing Agricultural Security Area.

Planning Commission Chairman Stock Illoway presented information to the board and public about the Agricultural Security Area.

"It's something that gives active farmers a chance to keep farming in a suburban area," Illoway said. "It's just protection at the current time."

Illoway said the security area protects farmers for agricultural practices, such as spreading manure and moving farm equipment.

Farmers with 10 acres are eligible to join the security.

Illoway suggested joining Charlestown's security area, which has been up and running for seven years and is now under review, rather than East Pikeland starting up their own security.

In other news, Bill Colby, attorney representing the Heritage Place Subdivision, discussed the status of the plan with the supervisors.

Homeowners John Chippari and Marty Bowman addressed the board, saying they did not want a structural fence surrounding the oak tree on the land.

Colby said an alternative to a fence had been researched by a landscaping person, such as shrubbery around the tree's drip line.

"I think that would create the boundary the township is looking for," Colby said. "We do have an alternative. The fence type barrier is still an option. We haven't decided yet."

Colby reviewed township engineer Ed Latshaw's comments with the board. He requested a reason why a Use and Occupancy permit was being held.

The supervisors told Colby that the permit will be issued when requirements are met to Latshaw's satisfaction.

Also at the meeting, Attorney Tom Keenan and principle Brian Hunsburger attended the meeting representing Telvil's two subdivisions on the agenda, Kolb and Benyo/Kolb.

"This is the kind of subdivision you would like to see," Keenan said of the Kolb subdivision.

Hunsburger informed the board that a nitrate study must be done because a well within a quarter mile of the property was found with nitrates.

Latshaw mentioned outstanding issues to the applicant. The board granted a 90-day extension at the request for more time.

"We're gonna finish it up within the next couple weeks hopefully," Keenan said of the remaining issues. "It's important to us to show we've complied with your ordinances and pursuing this subdivision is important to us."

The Benyo/Kolb subdivision was extended to the Nov. 17 meeting.

The board approved the CVS Pharmacy Land Development preliminary plan application conditioned upon the applicant addressing all review letter items and the condition that there will be no access onto Route 113/Kimberton Road.

The Roberts Subdivision and JTP Auto Sales were each granted extensions by the supervisors.

The Phoenixville Crossing and Coldstream Crossing conditional use hearings were both continued to the Nov. 3 meeting.

The township agreed to support a petition from the Green Valleys Association to upgrade the Pickering Creek Watershed to an "exceptional value" designation.

Joe McFarlane was presented a citation from the police department. Chief James Franciscus and Chairman Benson Campbell thanked McFarlane, a former police officer, for volunteering to take officers to the firing range at the Fish and Game Club for training.

Supervisor Vince McDevitt publicly encouraged residents to complete the regional planning surveys that were sent out to township residents.

Kim Moretti announced a Historical Society talk about Ember Kimber at Woodbridge Assisted Living Thursday, Oct. 21, at 7:30 p.m.

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