Hard to imagine, but the commonwealth of Pennsylvania has sunk to a new low in unethical governing. I'm referring to the pack of Pennsylvania "dirty dozen" demobocrats named in the bonus scandal by PA Attorney General Tom Corbett.

The prison time for all 12 [alleged] scoundrels could conceivably total 1,892 years, if convicted on all counts. Since there is no way the dirty dozen could serve that amount of time I'd like to suggest new legislation that would require family members to finish the prison sentence if the culprits should expire behind bars with time remaining on their sentence, or the wrongdoers are able to escape prison time because they are able to manipulate the appeals process.

Husbands, wives, children, nieces and nephews would be a good place to start. Parents would be given a pass; someone would need to provide a steady stream of Johnny Cash Christmas CDs for the holidays.

We do have a precedent. Spouses and children sometime serve the unfinished terms of elected officials in the Senate and House on the federal level, so I think my suggestion is valid.

My idea would only apply to so-called public servants like the [jerks] Attorney General Tom Corbett's office has to spend investigating 24/7, 365 days a week.


Mike Ference


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