Mike Keffer, Chris Potlerjoy, Shaukat Ali, Tom Fillip and Ken Myer attended the meeting for Devault.

After presenting Phase I to the board at a previous meeting, the specifications of Phase II were discussed at the meeting.

The original submitted plan's purpose was site grading. Plans submitted for Tuesday's meeting to develop the site were designated for separate phases.

Additional sheets were added to the plan to describe the full development plans, such as the types of buildings and a schedule.

The steep slopes on the property were concerns of both the planners and the applicants. Keffer pointed out the slopes on the plan, describing each area. Keffer reviewed the entire plan to inform the board of the general areas where encroachments will be.

"The turnpike did work on this area and were successful in stabilizing those slopes," Keffer said. "We did create some sections and took some photographs. We thought it would help clarify the site."

Keffer submitted photographs and plans to the board to better describe the construction and new buildings, including widening and paving, from different views on the property.

Keffer explained the retaining walls to be built on the site.

"The walls are capable of handling storm water," he said. "PennDOT's very receptive to these (T-walls) and so is the turnpike."

Township engineer Surender Kohli advised Keffer that cutting into steep slopes was prohibited and would require Zoning Hearing Board approval.

"Our ordinance does not permit cuts and fills in very steep slopes," Kohli said.

The township expressed concern if the construction so close to the turnpike would affect the incoming slip, but they were told the slip is being moved east.

"The final designs of the buildings have not been developed enough to tell if there's a dock," Keffer said.

Chairman Mike Allen requested a buffer for neighboring properties, which includes both residential and office use. Both sound and lighting require buffering.

"We've got a mixed use here that doesn't mix well together," Allen said.

Now on the 19.4-acre property, there are 1.2 acres of steep slopes and 4.1 acres of very steep slopes. After construction, there will be 0.72 acres of steep slopes and 4.5 acres of very steep slopes.

Building coverage will raise from 11 percent to 21 percent, and total impervious coverage will go up from 38 percent to 53.7 percent.

In other news, the planners approved a previously suggested resolution to deny the Robal Associates Sycamore Woods condominiums.

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