Think About It: Rest Stop on the New Jersey Turnpike

Don Meyer, Ph.D., is the president of Valley Forge Christian College. His column, Think About It, appears in The Phoenix each week.

Alex Kovach had hand-delivered a letter in late November to both Linda Cummings, director of voter services, and Carroll, in which he accused candidate Henry Wagner and his supporters of prestamping the write-in candidate's name on official ballots and then handing them out to voters at the polls.

Kovach, chairman of the Official Phoenixville Democratic Committee, was a strong supporter of ballot candidate Jim Del-Nero (D-Middle), who was victorious in the election and was seated on council in December.

The allegations, if found true, would have been a violation of voter regulations.

"You couldn't find anybody that saw anything like that," said Carroll during a telephone interview on Monday. "If you looked at the collected ballots, there were none that had been preprinted (with Wagner's name)."

Carroll said that no one could corroborate Kovach's charges.

"Nobody said that they did it," said Carroll. "Nobody said that they saw it.

"It was this third-hand account that sparked this investigation."

Kovach expressed shock when he learned about the outcome of the district attorney's office investigation on Monday evening.

"I find that an outrage," said Kovach. "This is being whitewashed and the culprits should be arrested and fired. It looks like it's been covered up."

Wagner said on Monday that the accusations were "Alex's (Kovach and his wife) Elsie's attempt to further divide the Democratic parties in Phoenixville."

"My hope is for all that Alex has done in the past that he'll see this as a sign to change his divisive ways and start contributing in a positive way to his community," said Wagner.

Former Councilman Anthony DiGirolomo strongly supported Wagner's campaign for DiGirolomo's former seat and said that he agreed with the investigation's outcome.

"I'm not surprised that they would be found groundless," said DiGirolomo. "The shame of it is that Jim Del-Nero agreed to do it with Alex (Kovach's) backing. I think that the D.A. should go after Kovach for all the false accusations."

During the January council reorganization meeting Del-Nero bucked the Democratic party and voted for Republican Jim Lolli (R-East) as chair.

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