Phoenixville Hospital celebrates National Volunteer Week

Photo courtesy of Lori Cunningham/ Pam Leiby, volunteer coordinator at Phoenixville Hospital, left, presents an award to volunteer Deb Francis, right. Francis has been a volunteer at Phoenixville Hospital for 19 years and has amassed 21,236 hours serving the patients of Phoenixville Hospital. In 2011 alone, Deb volunteered 1,330 hours. During her tenure at the hospital Deb has volunteered in such departments the operating room, the Gift Box and the Bookworm. In addition, she served as the president of the Phoenixville Hospital Auxiliary.



PHOENIXVILLE - A total of 13 hair stylists from the Phoenixville Hair Cuttery, Maple Lawn Village Center, have Cancun on their minds, as they prepare to leave for a four-day, three-night extravaganza this coming weekend.

The Maple Lawn Village Center Hair Cuttery was honored in January by its parent company for receiving one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in their region.

Along with the honor, the 13 hair stylists will get to enjoy a trip to Cancun, courtesy of the company.

According to Roseann Hawley, the stylists are excited about winning their region, and for the much-needed vacation.

"This will be my first time going to Cancun," said Hawley. "Some of the girls have never flown before. We're looking forward to a great trip. I've been waiting six years to win this trip so I can go with this group. The first thing I'm going to do when we get there is hitting the beach running."

During this week, the stylists will be working hard to take care of their customers' hair needs prior to their departure.

The stylists will be leaving the Hair Cuttery early Monday morning, May 1 at 5 a.m. The group is flying out of Philadelphia on U.S. Air and expected to arrive by noon in Cancun.

"Everyone is meeting here at the shop," said Hawley. "We're definitely psyched about it."

After a 50-minute drive from the Cancun International Airport, the stylists will be staying at the Aventura Spa Palace, which is located in the heart of the Majestic Riviera Maya.

Hawley said that the Aventura Spa Palace wasn't their original destination when the trip was planned out.

"Our first hotel was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma," she said. "From what we've seen of the brochures, we're glad to be staying at our new place."

The Aventura Spa Palace features a world-class spa, yoga hut, Zen garden, fitness center with four tennis courts, personal trainers, golf courses, jacuzzis and offers tours to the Mayan Ruins.

Stylist Christina Hughes said she's been to Cancun before and can't wait to return.

"I'm very excited about going again," said Hughes. "We've known about this trip for six months and it's been a long wait. Since I've been to Cancun before, I may end up being the unofficial tour guide. I want to see the white sand and blue water, and getting to go away with the people I work with."

Two stylists, Nicole Rowand and Sharhonda Anderson, said they are glad to just be going somewhere.

"This is my first time anywhere out of Phoenixville," said Rowand. "I'm very excited and I can't wait to go and relax. We worked hard and earned this as a team. I'm going to go tanning on the beach."

"This'll be my first time on an airplane," said Anderson. "I just want to see everything and do as much as I can since I don't get out much."

Referring to herself as the "mother hen" of the bunch, stylist Nancy Kukucka said she's anxious to go.

"I want to see the blue water and all of those pretty fish," said Kukucka. "I'm looking forward to having a good time with the girls, and to make sure we all behave ourselves."

The stylists are expected to arrive back in Philadelphia on Thursday, May 4, in the evening.

Hawley said that the Hair Cuttery will remain open with employees from other Hair Cuttery shops temporarily staffing the local branch.

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