PHOENIXVILLE — From Feb. 21 to March 1, the Phoenixville Police Department responded to 153 calls for service, including 16 traffic accidents. The following is a summary of notable incidents:

On 2/21 at 7:44 AM, police responded to the intersection of Rt. 29 and Church Street for the report of a hit & run crash. The driver of a Honda Accord reported that a woman driving a Nissan Sentra blew through the stop sign at Church Street and hit his car. The crash was captured on a traffic cam and Officer Knapp was able to ID the driver. The 33-year-old Phoenixville woman left the scene because she has a suspended driver’s license.

On 2/21 at 9:35 PM, police responded to the Great American Pub for the report of a bar fight involving two men. Security staff reported that they broke up the fight and one of the men turned on them and had to be restrained until the police arrived. When the police showed up, the patron began fighting with the officers which is never a good decision. Edward Marosky, 33 of Phoenixville, was eventually handcuffed and charged with aggravated assault, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest.

On 2/22 at 8:02 AM, a 58-year-old Royersford woman reported that she parked her car in the 100 block of Bridge Street the previous night and she can’t find it. An officer checked the downtown area and found the car parked in the 200 block of Bridge Street.

On 2/22 at 4:29 PM, police responded to the intersection of Bridge Street and Starr Street for the report of a motorcycle crash. The traffic cam revealed that the motorcycle rider passed a car on the left and went through a red light before losing control and dumping his Suzuki. The motorcycle slid 70 feet and crashed into a car that was stopped in traffic. The motorcycle rider, a 48-year-old Phoenixville man, also had a suspended driver’s license so he was issued several tickets for the violations. He was taken to Paoli Hospital for his injuries.

On 2/23 at 12:18 AM, a 30-year-old East Pikeland man was issued a violation notice for the public urination ordinance after an officer noticed him peeing in an alley in the 300 block of Bridge Street.

On 2/24 at 7:34 PM, police responded to an apartment building in the unit block of Main Street for the report of a disturbance. The caller reported that her drunken neighbor was trying to kick her apartment door in. When the officers arrived, the man was passed out on the floor outside the caller’s front door. The 43-year-old man was arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct and eventually released to his girlfriend at the police station.

On 2/25 at 10:36 AM, a resident in the unit block of Bridge Street requested a police officer help him remove an unwelcome animal from his house. The caller reported that there was a critter living in his mattress and he believed it was a possum or beaver. Officer Dutch politely declined and recommended he call a pest control company.

On 2/25 at 6:24 PM, police responded to the 500 block of Nutt Road to check on the welfare of an intoxicated individual. The 50-year-old Phoenixville man could not function on his own or recall his name so he was arrested for public drunkenness and released when he was sober. His name came to him when he sobered up.

On 2/25 at 7:42 PM, Officer Fonseca arrested a wanted man in the unit block of E. Walnut Street. David Honyara, 34 of Phoenixville, had an arrest warrant for violating a restraining order. Honyara was sent directly to the county jail.

On 2/27 at 1:35 PM, a 31-year-old Phoenixville man reported that he was driving around town arguing with his ex-girlfriend and she intentionally poured a cup of hot soup on the floor of his Honda. He told the officer that he would be cleaning up the soup and that would be the last time that she is riding with him.

On 2/28 at 4:07 PM, Officer Glennon stopped the driver of a Ford Escape for a traffic violation on School Lane and discovered that she was a fugitive. Stephanie Betts, 30 of Phoenixville, had two bench warrants for her arrest so she was taken into custody and sent to the county jail. Betts did not have a driver’s license so she was issued a ticket for that violation and a second for the stop sign she ignored.

On 2/29 at 2:24 AM, police responded to the 1100 block of Lane Avenue to check on the welfare of a man who was rolling around in the middle of the street. Officers located the man and he was obviously under the influence of something. The 37-year-old Phoenixville man was arrested for public drunkenness and released when he was coherent.

On 3/1 at 1:32 AM, Officer Dobry was on bike patrol downtown and noticed a doorman escorting an unruly and drunken patron out of Molly Maguire’s Pub. As the officer approached, the man’s friends pulled up in a car and he jumped in and took off. Smart decision.

On 3/1 at 10:00 AM, police responded to the intersection of Emmett and Rhoads Street to check on the welfare of an elderly woman who was reportedly mumbling gibberish. Officers checked the area but could not locate the woman.

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