EAST PIKELAND - Planning Commission members heard a presentation regarding cohousing at Monday's meeting.

Altair Cohousing of Phoenixville expressed interest in creating a development in East Pikeland. Cohousing is a dense development of housing, possibly up to 50 units on 3/4 acre, that shares resources.

Popular in Denmark, the plan allows for a diverse population and community interactivity, according to representative Joel Bartlett, who said that developers are interested in the design within Chester County. Parking would be provided around the perimeter, with pedestrian walkways and a clubhouse in the development.

Following, the Telvil Corporation proceeded with three subdivision applications that are being considered. Two nine-lot subdivisions, at Spring Hollow Road and separately at Hunsberger Road, were discussed but not yet granted approval.

The Kolb subdivision, at Spring Hollow Road, submitted a revised plan and moves further toward approval according to commission members. However, the Hunsberger subdivision was denied zoning hearing board approval and is currently appealing that decision in court.

Benyo/Kolb subdivision, also a Telvil development, was granted an extension. The subdivision is a proposed 81 lots on 120 acres at Wall Street and Spring City Road.

The Reserve at Spring Hollow requested direction for a proposed 24-lot subdivision at Route 724 and Spring Hollow Road. The single-family homes were presented in a sketch plan that would require conditional approval.

The plan was designed in a cluster pattern to provide more open space as opposed to the traditional by-right plan that would not provide open areas. The number of lots was not changed by creating a conditional plan; however, lot size was reduced.

"Let's go down to the basic concept because we don't have enough plan specifics to give a recommendation," said Stock Illoway, chairman. Topography and environmental studies have not yet been conducted on the site.

David Malman, a representative of the developer, asked the planning commission to provide direction on what the township preferred. The conditional use plan shown would provide 30 percent open space, while traditional would only yield 10 percent.

"Conditional use is where it should go," said Illoway. "But the plan itself as a sketch plan needs a lot of work." A motion to recommend conditional use was passed.

The plan currently has the open space designed around the perimeter of the subdivision and would contain a walking trail. Planning commission members suggested that the developer consider a plan more in line with other developments' open space.

Finally, a conditional use application for a 387-lot mobile home park was discussed. According to the applicant, Pikeland Glen, L.P., and the township planning commission, the zoning ordinances regarding mobile homes are unclear.

"I don't think we should do anything because it would be a waste of time at this moment," said Illoway. Illoway said that there was a conflict within the ordinance so that it was necessary to meet with the township solicitor.

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