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PHOENIXVILLE - It may be a dirty business, but Main Street Manager Barry Cassidy hopes to make a clean sweep of trash on Bridge Street.

"People are putting their trash out early, and the bags are breaking and there's trash everywhere," said Cassidy.

Cassidy said that plastic bags of trash stored on sidewalks get stepped on and kicked, which breaks open the bags and allows the garbage to scatter. The trash is very difficult to recapture. "The little stuff can blow around for weeks," said Cassidy.

Cassidy presented a plan for both residential and commercial garbage collection at Wednesday's Phoenixville Area Business Association (PABA) meeting that calls for trash to be stored away from Bridge Street at seven locations. He called for two pickups per week, with collection on Mondays and Fridays, rather than one pickup per week, which now occurs on Wednesdays.

The plan calls for an ordinance that would forbid trash storage on Bridge Street. Instead, drop points would be strategically placed in alleys, a municipal parking lot and on selected private property.

"Sometimes trash is put out the day after trash day, and that causes a major problem," said Cassidy.

Cassidy is also a proponent of extending restaurant seating to the sidewalks, and sees the current trash problem as a handicap against that goal. "Nobody's going to want to sit at an outdoor cafe and see a baby's diaper," he said.

Cassidy gave credit for originally formulating the plan to former Main Street Manager Mariann Horan and businessman Manny DeMutis.

Seven pick-up points would replace 60 current collection spots.

The plan calls for drop-off points in the 100 block of Bridge Street at the MBM parking lot, the corner of Prospect Street and Church Alley, 158 Prospect and the corner of Main and Bridge Streets.

Drop-off points for the 200 block of Bridge Street would be located at the Prospect Street parking lot, the Taylor Alley lot and in Mill Alley.

PABA unanimously endorsed the plan and Cassidy hopes to present it to both the Main Street Board and borough council for approval.

"We're looking to establish a program," said Cassidy. "If somebody has a better idea, they should come forth. If the plan is good, then let's use the plan."

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