2 charged for making threats against Pumptown Tavern employees

SPRING CITY - Two Delaware County men have several charges lodged against them after they allegedly terrorized a local gentleman's club in Spring City, claiming to be police and threatening the bar with firearms.

On Aug. 3 around 2 a.m., Spring City Police Officer James Robb responded to a report of an assault at the Pumptown Tavern & Showbar on Main Street. The report was made by Jonathan Lashley, 24, of Prospect Avenue, while in the parking lot of the tavern, court documents state. Police said Lashley reported that he had been assaulted by a group of subjects and was unable to re-enter the building.

Robb then received a second report of two customers who had threatened the club and its employees from the manager of Pumptown Tavern, Amanda Arters. Arters told Robb that two customers had fought club security. She also said that they had indicated to club employees that they owned firearms and were 'Drexel police officers,' according to court documents.

Upon arrival, Robb saw Lashley along with Stephen Hartley, 23, of Knowles Avenue, lightly bleeding from injuries to their hands, knees and elbows, while Lashley had a small laceration to his forehead, according to court documents. Both refused medical treatment after Robb requested an ambulance.

Lashley told Robb that he had been 'illegally' removed from the bar and demanded the officer arrest those responsible for his injuries, according to court documents. Hartley also stated that he and Lashley had been assaulted for 'no reason' and had been 'singled out' by persons inside the establishment for being 'city guys,' court documents state.

Hartley denied that he told bar staff and patrons that he was a police officer, saying, 'It's just a misunderstanding,' according to court documents.

Robb wrote in his report that both of the men had glassy, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, difficulty maintaining their balance, and a strong odor of alcohol emanating from them, according to court documents.

Robb then spoke with Arters, who stated that the two men were verbally abusive to the entertainers and staff throughout the night and had been asked multiple times to tone down their behavior, court documents state. When asked to leave, Arters alleged the two refused, and loudly and repeatedly said they were 'Drexel Hill Police' and 'had guns,' court documents state.

According to police, Steven Maisonet, an on-duty security guard for the tavern, reported that he attempted to physically remove Lashley from Pumptown. While doing so, Hartley allegedly struck Maisonet in the face. Afterward, Maisonet stated that Hartley ran toward a white BMW the two men had driven to the bar in, screaming, 'I got a gun!', according to court documents.

After the two patrons were kicked out, Arters put Pumptown in lockdown until police arrived to deal with Hartley and Lashley, court documents state. Hartley and Lashley left in their BMW, parking it on Main Street and returning to the parking lot on foot before police arrived, according to court documents.

The two men were arrested and their vehicle towed away. Before the vehicle was towed, a silver and black semi-automatic handgun was allegedly found in the center console while police were conducting a vehicle inventory. Robb allegedly found fresh blood on the trigger guard and muzzle, indicating that the gun was handled by Hartley and Lashley after the conflict with club security, court documents state.

The hammer was cocked in the firing position and the safety was disengaged, according to police.

Hartley and Lashley await a preliminary hearing on Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. before Judge James DeAngelo.

Lashley and Hartley are charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, impersonating a public servant, harrassment, false report, and other charges.

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