PHOENIXVILLE >> A boy was rescued from dangerous waters Monday after being stranded in the middle of Pickering Creek.

Crews were called to Pickering Creek near Pickering Dam Road and Peaks Pike Road in Phoenixville at 3:25 p.m. to rescue a 12-year-old boy who became stranded in the middle of the creek, according to Friendship Fire Company’s Diving and Rescue unit.

The rescue unit said in a post on its website that Kimberton Fire Company was first to arrive on the scene and reported that the boy had managed to get on top of a large pile of upturned roots in the middle of the fast-moving water. Dive teams then responded to the scene and began assessing the situation.

“With Kimberton Firefighters stationed downstream equipped with throw bags in case the victim reentered the water, a line was thrown to the victim and wrapped around a protruding limb and secured on both ends to attach a rescue raft. One Station 77 water rescue technician proceeded to enter the raft to approach the victim and secure him with a Life Vest and rope tether,” read a post from the dive team.

Crews were then able to send out a raft to the boy and he managed to get safely inside. The dive team then pulled the raft back to shore by a rope line where the boy was turned over to EMTs from West End for evaluation and was eventually released to his parents.

Officials said the boy had been hanging out with friends near the creek when the water suddenly swept him up. The creek’s conditions had become dangerous after a bout of bad weather caused serious flooding in several areas and kept first responders busy with multiple water rescues throughout the county.

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