LIMERICK - The Montgomery County Bomb Squad came out to a township home Sunday to dispose of an inert, antique grenade a resident didn't want anymore.

Limerick Police Sgt. Ed Ciaciak said the Montgomery County Bomb Squad responded to a home on Trinley Mill Road after the homeowner called police hoping to dispose of the grenade.

Ciaciak said the bomb squad unscrewed the top of the 'pineapple' grenade and there was no powder inside, making it inert.

'You could tell it was old,' Ciaciak said. 'It was corroded.'

He said the bomb squad was probably only at the residence for five minutes.

Fire police were called to the area of the home around 1:25 p.m., presumably to close it off when the bomb squad arrived.

The grenade was in the homeowner's garage. He'd reportedly done work for a resident elsewhere who owned the grenade but didn't want it anymore and gave it to him. The man then decided he also didn't want the grenade and made the call to police.

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