While police were investigating the call, two men were seen crouching in a white van - which had a Texas license plate - and police suspected they might have had something to do with the call for shots fired.

Officers reported there were 10 occupants in the van, along with maps, blankets, food wrappers and a milk jug half full of urine.

Jonathon Rodriguez, residence unknown, who had been sleeping in the back seat, explained he owned the van and had met Martin Jaemes, residence unknown, and the passengers Sunday night in South Houston, according to police. He and Jaemes admitted to taking turns driving during their trip.

During his interview with a borough sergeant, Rodriguez explained he would be paid $1,000 by someone named "Nero" to transport the illegal aliens to their destinations - which included Durham, N.C., Richmond, Va., Norristown, New Jersey and New York City.

"I'm sure this isn't the first time this has happened," Chief of Police Russell J. Bono said. "And I'm sure he (Rodriguez) is not the only guy doing this." Bono added that the call for shots fired was unfounded.

According to William Riley, the acting special agent in charge of the Philadelphia office of the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE), alien smuggling is not uncommon.

"This type of smuggling is called 'over the bridge' smuggling," he explained. "It's very common after the holidays for illegal aliens to try to reenter the country after going home to visit family. This is also the time of year when people come for planting season.

"Nationally, this happens a lot, especially this time of year," he said. "Locally, we handle about 15 to 40 cases annually."

During Jaemes' interview with police, his cell phone continually rang and police determined the caller was waiting in a red car at McDonald's - at Main and Markley streets - for one of the passengers.

Police went to McDonald's and took the occupants of the red car - four Phoenixville residents - to Borough Hall for identification purposes. All but one of the occupants was detained by BICE.

Riley explained that Rodriguez and Jaemes face charges of alien smuggling and related offenses while the others will have a hearing before an immigration judge to determine whether they can stay in the United States.

According to police reports, these were the people detained by BICE:

1. Diter Bamaca, 17, of Mexico

2. Pablo Calvillo, 28, of Mexico

3. Samuel Banegas, 26, of Mexico

4. Elias Mejilla, 21, of Guatemala

5. Elmer Chang, 29, of Guatemala

6. Manuel Gutierrez, 28, of Guatemala

7. Mario Lopez, 27, of Guatemala

8. Wolter Maldonado, 18, of Guatemala

9. Rolando Chiroy, of Phoenixville

10. Armando Chiroy, of Phoenixville

11. Weide Maldonado, of Phoenixville

12. Jonathon Rodriguez

13. Martin Jaemes

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