According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), national gas prices were down two cents just prior to Christmas, and locally, down about a penny a gallon in the last week.

This makes prices in the Pennsylvania-Delaware area an average of 13 cents lower than last month's Thanksgiving holiday travel.

Local gas prices, which are $1.83 for a gallon of self-serve regular gas, are still 33 cents higher than a year ago. Still, the declining gas prices made it easier for Kenny Wills of West Pikeland to fill his tank up at Mobil/Kwik Farms on Kimberton Road Wednesday afternoon.

"My wife and I have been spending the day traveling to all of the stores, exchanging gifts and grabbing some lunch," said Wills. "It's nice to see the gas prices going down, considering how the weather's been unpredictable lately."

At the Sunoco A Plus on Nutt Road in Phoenixville, Tom and Michelle Chapin of New York were making a last-minute gas stop prior to their trip homeward.

"We were in Phoenixville visiting family and friends. We've had a great time and looking forward to getting home," said Tom. "I don't know how gas prices will be in New York, so I figure I'd fill the SUV up now and take my chances later on down the road."

The price of gasoline is declining as crude oil prices return to the $41 per barrel level. The price of oil rose above the $45 per barrel prior to the Christmas holiday, but has since fallen sharply over the last five days.

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