PHOENIXVILLE - "It's an antique map for an antique town," said Philadelphia artist David Sanner about the mural that he began painting on Thursday on the Bank Street wall of David Noone's Antique shop.

About a quarter complete by Friday afternoon, the reproduction of a 1627 map depicts the world in two hemispheres.

Sanner is painting primarily after dark with the use of an overhead projector. He said that the projected image is "almost essential because the really rough stucco" makes it difficult to mark the wall with pencil.

By using acrylic paints and several brushes from his collection of more than 300 Sanner expects to have the project completed within a week of Thursday's start.

When complete, the 16 by 21 foot mural will be visible from Bridge Street.

Sanner has painted hundreds of murals nationwide on walls of restaurants, shoe stores and pet stores. The 33 year-old said that he's lived and worked in nearly all 50 states.

"Often I'm asked how long I've been painting and I ask, 'When did you stop painting.'" said Sanner. "We're all born with a crayon in our mouth and everyone started painting at the same level. I've been painting for more than 30 years and I've got too much experience to start something new."

Sanner said that he enjoys this project because of map maker Tom Speed's 1627 view of the world. The mural will authentically refer to the world's largest ocean as the "Pacificke Sea," identify a continent/country as either South America or Peru, show California as an island and fail to depict either North or South America, which the original map refereed to as undiscovered.

Sanner calls his work a way to "express myself and let my spirit show through."

"It's kinda like being a rock star without the rock," he said. "You travel, everyone looks up to you and the children google. It can be quite awesome.

"My whole past has still been uncharted. I consider myself undiscovered."

The artist with paint speckled pants and tank top said that his largest project took six months to complete. Polyester Night Club of San Jose, Calif. hosts an indoor mural 32 by 1,000 feet.

Photo realistic images of pop memorabilia from the Seventies and Eighties are set in paint. Images of Madonna, Farrah Fawcett and rock-band Kiss are all preserved.

During his all night shift Thursday, Sanner said that "lot's of people stopped by including the police."

"It was really cool and the I've been so well received by Phoenixville," said Sanner.

The artist expects to paint from dusk to dawn until the project is complete.

Patron of the arts and antique store owner Noone said that the map is "quite fitting" since the shop deals in antique maps.

"This is a little bit different than other murals," said Noone. "Other murals are usually people oriented. It will be a nice change to have a different topic."

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