AMW Donuts offers variety of flavors in Phoenixville

Photo by Heather Tyrrell AMW Donuts offers a variety of different flavors to choose from.

PHOENIXVILLE - For some people, coffee and donuts is a morning ritual they can't live without.

Feeding off of this need, Angie Wentzel opened AMW Donuts at 259 Schuylkill Road, Phoenixville, in April. The longer name for the business, America's Most Wanted Donuts, was inspired by Wentzel's initials: Angie Marie Wentzel.

'Who doesn't like good coffee and donuts?' Wentzel said. 'There is not something like this (business) around here.'

Wentzel said each customer likes something different. Her menu began with two flavors and then evolved into much more.

AMW offers a variety of flavors to try including cinnamon sugar, chocolate, powdered sugar, cream cheese plain and glazed (vanilla, honey and peanut butter.) In addition, AMW features a daily glazed or cream cheese flavor during different days of the week including strawberry, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, cherry and banana.

Some of the flavors have been incorporated into the selection from people asking her to make them, Wentzel said.

She said it only takes her about two minutes for the donuts to be made so the customers get fresh and warm donuts instead of something that has been sitting around for a few hours.

Wentzel hasn't worked in the food industry before. After researching how to make fried donuts, she tried her creations and then passed them onto her neighbors in Schuylkill Township. She made donuts for the PAL wrestling fundraisers.

'Rachel Miller, who was running for class president at the high school approached us about helping her out with her campaign last year,' Wentzel said. 'She gave a donut to each classmate so they would remember her.'

Miller ended up winning the election for class president, Wentzel said.

AMW Donuts has helped with other various fundraisers also.

Wentzel's husband, Dave, who also works at the cafe, said they are working on getting a stand at the Phantoms' home football games.

Wentzel said she loves working at the business, especially since it is close to home.

'I know what's going on locally and I get to see the people I live around,' she said.

Wentzel said, like 'Cheers,' she sees many regulars.

She said she is planning to hang artwork on the walls of the business from local artists.

In addition to donuts, the cafe also offers coffee from Cafe eXcellence, Audubon. Customers can also get juice, iced tea or hot tea.

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