SPRING CITY -- Bet Williams, just finishing a tour in Europe, will be coming to Chaplin's in Spring City to share her music.

Williams is bringing some new music with her that she wrote while she was touring. She will be at Chaplin's on Saturday, January 19 at 8 p.m.

"Traveling definitely inspires me," she said. She spoke of a specific song that she co-wrote with Lilit Pipoyan, the "Joni Mitchell of Armenia," saying that she was very excited to share it.

Williams, who spent time touring in Germany and France, said that she loves to travel because she can find out what is going on in the rest of the world.

"We can really get into our lives," she said, explaining that traveling helps to pull us out of those shells. She said that she loved being able to meet new people and to be welcomed into their homes.

Williams has played at Chaplin's before and is looking forward to returning to the venue.

"A lot of people were requesting to see her again," said Tara Cannon, the music show director at Chaplin's. She said that she was excited to see Williams perform.

Though some call Williams a "Philly girl," she is not originally from Philadelphia.

She started her music career in Philadelphia, which gives her ties to the area. This is one of the reasons she enjoys playing at Chaplin's. She also has family in the area.

Williams said that her favorite part about performing is the energy from the audience.

"You can go to a whole different world," she said. "I love moving the mind into another realm. We can take a journey together."

Williams said that during this journey of music, there may be parts that are funny or poignant and that is part of the joy of performing.

"The sound is really great. It's got a great balcony [that makes] it like a little club in Paris," said Williams about some of the reasons she loves

to play at Chaplin's.

The atmosphere at Chaplin's is "classy but laid back" said Cannon, describing it as "unexpected."

"You would never expect to find it in Spring City," said Cannon, explaining that Chaplin's was a step ahead of the revitalization in Spring City.

Chaplin's does work in conjunction with the Spring City Revitalization Committee, and Cannon said that Chaplin's tries to help out where ever they can to make Spring City a destination.

Some other upcoming shows at Chaplin's that Cannon said the public should not miss are Beaucoup Blue, playing on Friday, January 18 and the Angel Band, playing on Sunday, January 27.

Tickets to see Williams are $15 and can be purchased at www.chaplinsthemusiccafe.com. Opening the show will be singer/songwriter Christy Jefferson.

Please visit the website for more information. Chaplin's is located at 66 N. Main St. in Spring City. The phone number is 610-792-4110.

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