I wandered like a poor lost soul

along the New York city street.

I stopped each stranger passing by,

and asked, 'Where is my Kitty sweet?'

I sniffed the cars, beneath the trees,

while factory fumes caused me to sneeze.

She left me at the Wall street stop

I think it was four weeks ago.

I trailed her, but there was a cop

who chased me wildly to and fro.

I hid up high on window sills,

recalling joys of vales and hills.

I wandered all about the town

from Times Square to the Bowery,

where I learned she had "fooled around" -

'that cheap flirtatious debauchee!'

Who needs her? I've a swell new dish,

a curvy gal named Trashy Tish.

We cuddle closely every day.

And though I'm in a happy mood,

I'm worn out! Trashy loves to play!

Oh, how I long for solitude,

to drowse and dream in vales, on hills,

away from Trashy's tasteless thrills.

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