Crash shuts down 422, woman killed

Journal Register file photo This crash between a car and a pickup truck claimed the life of a young woman and injured a Boyertown man in North Coventry Saturday morning.

Every year when I go hunting I always get tired quickly when climbing the mountains. What can I do to prepare for my hunting trip in November? Tom in Spring City.


Dear Tom,

If you are currently performing cardiovascular exercise continue with what you are doing. However, slowly increase the intensity level as your trip draws nearer. If you are not currently involved with an exercise program start now! It normally takes a few weeks to see and feel the benefits. Come and see us at the YMCA and we will help you get started.

* * *

Dear Kirk,

What kind of exercises can I do to improve my posture? Connie in North Coventry.

Dear Connie,

First, make an appointment with a chiropractor to rule out any underlying condition. These doctors are trained to diagnose all spine conditions. Generally people with bad posture have tight chest muscles and tight muscles in the front and sides of the neck. The muscles of the upper back and back of the neck are usually loose and weaker. Focus on strengthening the muscles in your back and developing more flexibility in your chest muscles.

Fit-Quest is designed to answer all your fitness questions. Whether you're a workout pro, or haven't even started, our fitness expert, Kirk Lombard, Senior Physical Director at the Phoenixville Area YMCA can help. An exercise and sports science graduate of Penn State University, Kirk brings more than seven years of experience to Fit-Quest readers. If you have an exercise question you'd like addressed in Fit-Quest, email it to And remember: NEVER START ANY NEW EXERCISE PROGRAM WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR PHYSICIAN.

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