Somehow, news of Hugh Heffner's engagement slipped past me in these last few weeks. But, he IS engaged, and it's to centerfold model Crystal Harris. Crystal is only 60 years his junior, and if I'm not mistaken, some of Hef's oldest children are her age.

I'm actually pretty upset about this news. If you'll remember, my girl Holly Madison ended things with Hef after wanting to marry him for several years. And, she went to People Magazine to say that YES, she is peeved over the engagement. Especially, because Holly describes Crystal as being "More catty than bunny."

In shooting the upcoming season of Holly's World for E!, Holly sat down with Hef and Crystal to discuss the engagement. And, allegedly, things got a little sticky. I, for one, am dying to see this footage!

Because everyone knows that Martha Stewart is the most interesting person on earth (yawn...) you will be happy to know that she has released a photo diary of her recent trip to the emergency room for a split lip.

Apparently, her puppy was sleeping, Martha leaned down to whisper good-bye to the dog (WHAT?) and startled the dog, which then caused the split lip.

She had an assistant take photos every step of the way of getting stitched up. Why this was necessary, I'll never know.

As if Brett Favre's name hasn't been in the media enough, the Favre name has come back, this time in the form of his sister, Brandi Favre.

Get this, Brandi was charged with making crystal meth at a condo in Mississippi. I literally don't even have anything to say about this, I'm just going to let it be...

Backstreet Boys fans will be bummed to know that A.J. McLean has checked himself into rehab for the third time in the last ten years, for repeated alcohol and cocaine abuse. I'm glad that he is taking the initiative for himself though.

And, besides, he needs to be better by this summer, when BSB go on tour with New Kids on the Block. Seriously, my birthday is in less than a month, I better be getting some BSB NKTB tix. For real.

With Valentine's Day coming up soon, (February 14, gentlemen. Mark it on your calendars. Expect to call the flower shops a week ahead of time to reserve the best bouquets.) Taylor Swift has signed on to design some cards for American Greetings.

Not gonna lie, these cards are seriously CUTE. The one that I was looking at said, "I'll never forget the day I met you...There I am, having a regular day in my regular life. Feet planted firmly on the ground. And then you come by..." and the inside of the card says, "...and I'm floating toward the sky. Happy Valentine's Day."

Now, if only I had a Valentine...

In case you weren't sure that Kanye West is the biggest D-Bag on the planet, you'll be psyched to know that he had his own face put on his luxuragy $180,000 Tiret Watch.

And, this thing is GAUDY. It has his face in black and white diamonds. Like, it's REALLY terrible. And, apparently, it took the watch maker over five months to make this custom-made piece. Which, now Usher wants in on.

Don't do it, Usher. Terrible.

Selena Gomez has been getting death threats lately, from, like, 12 year olds that don't appreciate her closeness with Justin Bieber. Which means, parents, you should probably monitor what you child is doing on-line. My mommy still checks to see what I'm up to!

Even more recently, though, Selena's Facebook and twitter pages have been hacked. The malicious postings have since been taken down.

Until next week, dolls, xoxo.

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