Alicia Keys is dead. Usher is dead. Swizz Beatz is dead. Serena Williams is dead. Ryan Seacrest is dead. Lady Gaga is dead. Kimberly Cole is dead. Kim AND Khloe Kardashian are dead. David Lachapelle is dead. Justin Timberlake is dead. Jennifer Hudson is dead. Jay Sean is dead. Janelle Monae is dead. Elijah Wood is dead. Deaphne Guiness is dead. Bronson Pelletier is dead. And... the entire cast of The Buried Life is dead.

No, there was no mass suicide in Hollywood. These stars are suffering a Digital Death.

As of December 1st, World AIDS Day, these celebs pledged to stop using Facebook and Twitter. And, they will continue with this digital death until they reach the goal of one million dollars. They've teamed up with Keep a Child Alive and buylife.org to help combat AIDS.

If you're interested in helping, it's actually pretty simple to donate. As with every other raise money scheme, just text the celeb's first name to 90999 and when that celeb reaches 1 million, they'll return to the digital world. So dolls, please, bring my Lady Gaga back to life... you can go ahead and keep Ryan Seacrest in the digital grave. Seriously. "Gaga" to 90999.

What really stands out to me in the list of dead celebs is the ones that AREN'T dead. I mean... if Justin Bieber were to suffer a digital death, the tween girls would be bringing him back in a second. He alone could probably raise 9 million. And, what about Ashton Kutcher? He was on top of the twitterverse for a while!

It was just announced that Kim Kardashian was acknowledged as the top search on Bing on 2010. Unfortunately, since she's suffering a digital death right now (how is she living without her blackberry and pink laptop??!) she probably doesn't know it.

Speaking of Kardashians, the Kardashians credit card has already been canceled. The card, from MaterCard, apparently came loaded with a ton of hidden fees, including a monthly fee just for having the card, fees for using an ATM and a cancellation fee.

On the other hand, it had a picture of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney on the front of the card. And, Kim is quite boob-a-licious. But. It was cancelled. No more fees. No more Kardashian sisters on plastic.

Taylor Swift has been named Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the year. In an interview with the magazine, Taylor talks about how the media claims that her songs are connected to her ex-boyfriends.

"Sometimes I would laugh because I would see it in print and it would say, 'this song, which is written about her ex, so-and-so...' And they would write about it as if it was fact. The fact is, I haven't ever confirmed that any song is about any particular person. There's something kind of freeing about that. As far as I'm concerned, it's all still up in the air."

Good for Taylor. Except now, there are new ideas on her current beau, that beau being Jake Gyllenhaal. Who is wayyyyyy too old for her. But oh-so-gorgeous. Mmm.

Anyway, the two were seen canoodling on a coffee date. What is it with Taylor and these older men?? I mean, chick's got it going on, but I feel like she's about to get stepped on.

Glee fans, beware. Some of your favorite stars just may be getting the boot.

That's right, creator Ryan Murphy has officially announced that many cast members will be leaving at the end of 2012. Already, new characters are being introduced to take their places. Apparently, Glee will be the only show on TV that won't have 30 year olds portraying 17 year olds. Finally, a show practicing realism. Even if it is about singing...

Until next week, dolls, xoxo.

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