Facebook. A lot of us use it, including several famous celebrities, but whoever thought that it could help clear you of a crime?

Well, it is helping Rodney Bradford, a 19-year-old from Harlem, New York. At 11:49 a.m., Bradford was updating his Facebook status from his father's house. At 11:50 a.m., two men were robbed by gunpoint in Brooklyn, 12 miles away, and Bradford became a person of interest in the case.

Luckily, Bradford's attorney realized that he had a rock-solid case that Bradford did not commit this crime, once he realized that the time-stamp of the Facebook status update could be traced back to his home computer.

And, so kids, this is why social media is so important in today's world. I mean, I know this is a little outdated, but if Facebook had been around and O.J. Simpson had updated from his home a minute before supposedly murdering his ex and her lover, they wouldn't have even needed the glove. I'm just sayin'.

If you're into eBay auctions, shoes and dead celebrities, boy do I have an offer for you. DJ AM's shoe collection is going up for auction beginning tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure how long it's running for, but I would definitely check it out. All benefits go toward the DJ AM memorial fund, which I can only imagine is some sort of DJ-shrine somewhere. I mean, I'm just guessing it's not like a college scholarship for aspiring DJs, but you never know.

If you're into the whole Twilight thing, and I'm definitely not, you'll be upset, I'm sure, to find out that the rumored Kristen Stewart - Robert Pattinson romance is in fact true. However, since I could really care less about these people, I'm moving right on to...

Megan Fox, who I'm deeming this era's young Angelina Jolie, as in bat-poop crazy. I swear, this chick just talks and talks, and it's all nonsense and insanity, but since she's so hot, everyone just looks past the babbling.

This time, she's telling the media that she has created a fake persona for herself, especially for the media, and that she won't let anyone in on what she's really like.

So, she's saying that she's schizophrenic. Awesome.

Speaking of Angelina, back when she adopted Maddox, her first kid, she was married to Billy Bob Thornton. However, when she adopted Maddox, Billy B wasn't listed as the father. You following me?

Enter Brad Pitt. After adopting like fourteen more babies, Brad Pitt decided to adopt all of them right along with Angie.

Well, now, Ange wants to adopt more babies... WITHOUT Brad Pitt. Brad is saying that's he's not ready for more kids yet... someday, just not now. Interesting.

If you're looking for some reading material for yourself this holiday season, or if you're looking for the perfect book for that someone special on your list, have no fear, for I have the perfect solution. Heidi and Spencer Pratt have published a book called "How To Be Famous."

Now, I'm positive that this is going to be a best seller, just because I alone have ordered a thousand copies for all of my closest friends, family and frenemies. Which, coincidently is 999 more copies than Heidi and Spencer's publisher is truly expecting to sell...

Since I'm on the topic of useless celebrities, Paris Hilton's boyfriend bought her a pink castle moonbounce. Seriously, you know the things that people rent for their five-year-old's birthday parties and church picnics? PARIS HILTON has one.

And I'm totally jealous.

If you're interested in getting one so that you can be like Paris AND lay in it and read "How To Be Famous," you are able to purchase a moonbounce on MagicJump.com, for around $1,750.

Until next week, dolls, xoxo.

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