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LIMERICK -- Whether you've fallen off the fitness wagon or are an exercise buff looking for the best new thing, the people at MaxOut Strength Studio say things will shape up for you within four hours of working out with them.


"The business' greatest challenge is being able to explain or justify some of our extraordinarily unique and boastful claims, which is guaranteed strength gains by only working out once a week," said co-owner and operator David Shafer. "We are quite different than anything else in the world as far as strength development goes."

Shafer and partners Jason Griggs and Matt Cubbler opened MaxOut in the Limerick Square Shopping Center, Buckwalter Road, in February. Their claim to fame is guaranteeing a noticeable change in strength and body appearance in just four one-hour sessions of strength training at MaxOut.

"We shatter the notion that in order to get results ... you have to spend hours in the weight room," said Shafer, an entrepreneur. But that one-hour workout, according to Shafer, wasn't the intended goal when the business got off the ground.

"You don't do a lot of reps on our machines, but you get to a point of muscle failure, and you're body needs between five to seven days to recuperate to be able to handle that again," Shafer explained. "We're not coming to market trying to wedge in, 'Hey, you know what would be kind of neat? Let's offer a once-a-week workout.' That was just a convenient byproduct ... You would do your body harm if you tried to do this more than once a week."

What stands behind MaxOut is science, Shafer, Cubbler and Griggs concurred.

"This equipment (used by clients at MaxOut) was designed scientifically," Shafer said. "This story isn't about a big musclehead, this came out from a guy wearing a white lab jacket.

"This was invented 20 years ago at the University of Florida," Cubbler said of the science behind MaxOut.

Specifically, Dr. Michael MacMillian, an orthopedic surgeon among other things, worked on the methodology behind MaxOut's technology. The exercises a client completes are a combination of eccentric and concentric exercises, Cubbler said.

Back to the question a lot of people ask: How does exercising once a week at MaxOut get more results than doing several hours of other exercises each week?

"Three three basic things are incorporated into what we do here," Shafer said. "We're utilizing eccentric strength training, what that means is doing neatives; we're overloading the muscles ... Also, traditional strength training and a combination" of the two.

"In the business of strength training ... the definition of achieving results is equal to the degree you can fatigue the muscles and then give the body ample time to rest. How we can get away with only having our client work out once a week is because this workout will provide such a fatigue that it's all any body can handle."

Those who benefit from the MaxOut workout, according to the partners, range from professional athletes to stay-at-home moms. Shafer said while it mightseem that the ideal MaxOut customer would "be someone who is really into lifting weights or getting big or strong, because when you think 'Strength studio' everybody jumps to muscles.

"But really, the ideal customer for us is someone who wants to achieve, someone who wants to get stuff done. We're looking for people who want success.

When a potential client comes through the door, he or she is greeted with the opportunity to engage in a customized workout that will produce optimal result for their specific body, the partners said. Clients are not given time to stand around, contemplate what exercise they will do next, or stare in the mirror like they might at traditional gyms. In the MaxOut strength studio there are no mirrors and every client has a strength coach who is there to usher them along.

"You get a strength coach every time you come here," Cubbler said. "When you walk in you don't have to think, just bring your effort and your attitude.

Shafer said there was consideration over changing the name from MaxOut to something a little less aggressive so that it wouldn't push anyone away. But after thinking about it, "really, strength is physical health," he said.

"Anatomically speaking, this is the best thing you can do for your body," Cubbler added.

That goes for men and women.

Cubbler explained that women do not have the natural testosterone for their muslces to bulk up the way a man's might. The science behind MaxOut means men who use the program look more like men, and women like women, he said.

"If not half, 40 percent of our clients are women," Cubbler said.

And MaxOut isn't just for young adults or people under 50.

"Seniors are concerned with physical independence," Shafer said. "We hear from our clients that MaxOut does exactly that."

Griggs, a real estate developer and entrepreneur, said he had back surgery four years ago. Since then he experienced severe back pain for which he was taking medication.

"I have been able to ween myself off the medication and I'm stronger than ever" since starting MaxOut workouts, Griggs said.

Cubbler, a Collegeville police officer, has had joint issues for years. He said when he first tried the MaxOut workout, "nothing hurt" and since then he's not experienced any pain in his joints.

The folks at MaxOut say their clients are guaranteed to see results. They'll even give you an introductory workout for free. The partners hope that people will take them up on the offer because it's difficult to put what MaxOut does and how it feels for each individual into words.

"You have no idea what this does to you until you go through it," Shafer said. "You just have to feel it."

"It's a place people have to discover," Griggs added. "It's not something you can just force-feed somebody."

There are several monthly MaxOut plans available. MaxOut for Athletes is $175 per month; MaxOut for Men or Women is $150 per month; MaxOut for High School students is $125 per month; and MaxOut for Seniors is $115 per month. There is also a consultation fee of $35.

Everyone who gives MaxOut a shot is guaranteed to see results, the partners said.

"Within a month you're going to see a noticeable difference about your body," Cubbler said. "Depending on what phase of fitness you came in at, if you came in completely out of shape, haven't worked out in 10 years, versus the guy that's already got a well-defined body or the girl who's got a well-defined body, either one is going to see a result.

"What you're seeing might be weight loss, may be little bit of a tone in your body if you've been overweight your whole life... If you're already a fit person, you may see larger muscles, more defined muscles. Everybody's going to see a little bit of a different result, but they're still going to see a result every single time, within a month," Cubbler said.

Some of the success stories at MaxOut include those of a bus driver, to a former power-lifting champion. Both have reported substantial muscle-strength improvements after working out at MaxOut.

The MaxOut partners believe that clients are going to take away a better body than they bring in, guaranteed. But they hope that they can do more than just that.

"You get guaranteed results, physically you're going to see that, but what it does to you mentally from a confidence perspective, from just the ability to tackle life's challenges and help you achieve your goals, that's what's going to make people come back," Shafer said.

According to their policies, MaxOut clients must be at least 14 years old or older. Hours are by appointment only. For more information about MaxOut visit or call 1-866-MyMaxOut

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