Spring-Ford students complete glass mosaic tile project

Photo Supplied Students Lucca Bilotti, Molly Sodicoff, Alex Schmidt and Kylie Tripp stand in front of the completed fused glass project that is installed in a window inside the Spring-Ford 5-6 Grade Center.

Wanting to make a lasting, artistic impression on future generations who will enter through the Spring-Ford 5-6 Grade Center's doors, fifth-and sixth-grade students at the school recently completed a mosaic tile project that tested their design skills, while giving the community something alluring to look at. This is the second phase of a project previously began by the students' fifth-grade peers.

Sixth-grade students in Cheryl Kramer's art class started the fused art project in 2011. With the help of professional Philadelphia mosaic artist Jessica Gorlin Liddell, students created individual tiles of colored glass that complemented the designs created earlier. Once the students completed the design phase, Liddell returned the tiles to her glass studio for firing, also known as 'fusing.'

Robyn Burckhardt, Art's Alive! Program co-coordinator, said the project allowed students to think critically and work together as a team to create a large-scale work of art that would be seen by all who visit the building.

'Students enjoyed the opportunity to rely on their prior understanding of design skills of symmetry and balance. Each one is unique and unlike any other,' Burckhardt said. 'The brightly designed panels were installed to offer maximum visibility by students, parents and the community.'

Funding to support the project was provided by the Spring-Ford 5-6 Grade Center Home and School Association and supported by Building Principal Heather Nuneviller.

A dedication for the glass installation is slated for mid-May during the school's art show.

The Spring-Ford 5-6 Grade Center is located at 833 S. Lewis Rd. in Royersford.

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