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Robyn McGinley with Bruno, who needs a permanent home.

Robyn McGinley is a fur mom, animal rescue volunteer and foster. She’s also a local Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens in Phoenixville, where she combines her passion for helping animals with her love of helping people.

“I believe that everyone, human and animal alike, deserves to find their perfect home and my goal is to help make that happen,” said McGinley.

Her motto "Selling Homes + Saving Animals" says it all.

For every transaction closed through her, Robyn personally makes a donation to a local animal rescue where she generously volunteers her time. Her current featured animal rescue is Phoenix Animal Rescue in Chester Springs, where she has been volunteering since early January. It’s also where she met a dog named Bruno.

Bruno is a 9-years-young, mixed-breed rescue who Robyn describes as "the perfect boy."

“Bruno is a calm, affectionate and super happy pup who enjoys hanging out with people and getting all the pets,” she said.

Every time she volunteers, Robyn makes sure to save some time at the end of her visits to spend a little quality one on one time with Bruno who always greets her with a smile and a wiggly butt. Some days this includes trips to the local park, enjoying homemade doggy ice cream, helping install for sale signs, basking in the sun and people watching.

You wouldn’t know it from the sweet dog that he is now, but Bruno’s past is not the happiest. Bruno was surrendered to PAR from a local puppy mill in November 2020.

While Phoenix Animal Rescue is no stranger to accepting surrenders from puppy mills, when they agreed to take in Bruno, they didn’t get exactly what they were expecting.

Phoenix Animal Rescue was told Bruno was a purebred German Shepard that was being relinquished because he was no longer useful for breeding, which is the most common reason for dogs to be surrendered by puppy mill owners. However, upon rescue, it became clear that Bruno was not exactly what had been described.

He was less of a traditional German Shepherd and more of a round mixed breed who was also extremely sick. He was very lethargic and constantly vomiting. Phoenix Animal Rescue immediately rushed Bruno to their vet where it was discovered that his diet was the cause of his illness. The owners of the puppy mill had been feeding Bruno whatever discarded items from the farm they couldn’t sell. It took weeks for Bruno to get well and to learn to eat dog food like a normal pup.

Now fully recovered, the only thing Bruno is missing is his forever home.

“I’m seriously shocked that no one has snatched up this amazing pup,” commented McGinley, who hopes that this article will help him find the perfect family he deserves. To adopt Bruno or learn more about Phoenix Animal Rescue, visit

Interested in working with Robyn to buy or sell your home while helping animals in need, you can contact her at 610-933-1919 or

You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook @homewithrm, where she features both homes and dogs up for adoption.

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