PHOENIXVILLE - Even if you subscribe to The Phoenix, you might not know her personally, but you may have reason to be thankful that Donna Bartha has been delivering the paper daily since 1988.

Bartha is on her sixth car and puts new brakes and tires on her delivery vehicles every six months. She currently drives a 1992 Geo Metro and starts her day by picking up the papers at 4:30 a.m.

She usually turns in at 10:30 p.m. and wakes by 3 a.m. for a day during which she drives between 90 and 120 miles.

Bartha said with a laugh that she loves her job.

"You've gotta make a game of it," said Bartha. "If there's a tube across the road, you've got to try and make that tube. I try for the doorstep and occasionally land a paper on the roof, but not that often."

She once had a wild turkey try to eat her car tire, and one time a dog jumped into the car with her.

"Now that was fun!," said Bartha. "Big ol' dog was afraid of thunder. I was sitting there folding papers and a crack of thunder rolled through the Kimberton countryside and I ended up with this huge Great Dane on my lap."

Bartha is a big music listener.

"As long as the radio and tape player are working - as long as I've got my music - I'm happy," she said.

She enjoys Big Band, Frank Sinatra and old time Rock 'n Roll and has a special place in her heart for the Spring-Ford High School Marching Band and the high school's jazz band.

Married 20 years and mother of two girls and a boy, Bartha loves high school football games, partly because of her children's marching band involvement.

Bartha enjoys marching band competitions because the "kids take it so seriously."

"They take it as seriously as any athlete and work as hard as any athlete. I can appreciate the work that goes into it, and it's just as exciting as a football game when they announce the scores."

The former title clerk and insurance account worker enjoys volunteering for the Spring-Ford Music Association.

"I do a lot of running and taking orders for embroidery for sweatshirts," said Bartha. "It benefits the kids. If I can sell candy or park cars, it helps all the kids, not just mine."

Bartha is also a big fan of the Eagles and Phillies. She was a first baseman, catcher and right fielder in YMCA leagues.

"One of the most exciting plays in sports is a home run; depending on what team is hitting it, I jump," said Bartha.

She once hit four home runs in a single inning prior to the 10-run rule.

"The whole neighborhood knows when the Phillies do something good because they hear me screaming," she said.

Bartha is also a volunteer fire police officer and recording secretary for the Mont Clare Fire Department. She directs traffic, deals with the media and sometimes works crowd control.

Bartha also records the meetings and types the minutes, plus helps deal with correspondence for the 50-member fire company.

"We're a small company and all chip in together," she said.

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