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PHOENIXVILLE - Singer/songwriter Lauren Hart, taking time from between Philadelphia Flyers playoff games, made a brief appearance at the Steel City Coffee House Friday night.

Making her second appearance of the year, fourth overall, at the coffee house, Hart, along with keyboardist Ritchie Rubini, took the stage around 9:30 p.m.

Hart, after singing the national anthem at Thursday night's Philadelphia Flyers playoff game at home, said her voice may be a tad bit worse for wear.

"I hope to hit all of these high notes tonight," said Hart. "However, I was screaming until 1 a.m., so we'll see what we can do."

She began her 11-song set with some of her songs from both of her CDs, "Girl Keeps On" and "Painted Bride." After starting with "The Guy" and "Joy Ride," she broke out into a story of "Drive," which Hart said was written about her first vehicle.

"It was a Porsche that I paid $500 for," she said. "The outside was really nice but the inside wasn't worth much. It looked like a red shiny lawn mower."

Following "Girl Keeps On," Hart spoke of the next song, "Lay Low," and how she wrote the song at her parents home.

"I was sitting in our living room, sprawled out on their orange plush carpet," said Hart.

After switching places with Rubini, Hart took over the keyboards to perform "I Might Be," which will be featured on her next untitled CD.

Hart really caught the attention of the audience by hitting all the right notes on the Rolling Stones' "Miss You," then following up with "Cliche," "Color A Life," and "Fine Romance."

Finishing up the evening with "One Last Time," Hart said she got the most of what she had left with her voice. She also stated that the new CD is "more than halfway done, and she'll be finishing it up very soon."

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