Coatesville is burning

Photo by Tom Kelly IV/Journal Register News Service Firefighters from all over Chester County responded to Coatesville late Saturday night to fight a multi-alarm fire which damaged or destroyed 15 homes on Fleetwood Street, leaving 11 families homeless.

Dear Kirk,

I have had cold symptoms off and on for the last two weeks. Should I "sweat out" the cold by working out or should I take some time off and recuperate? Angie in Phoenixville

Dear Angie,

See your doctor to determine that you do not have the flu. If your doctor determines that you are okay to exercise and your symptoms are not contagious I think that exercising may be helpful. Perform exercises that you are used to and use a lower than usual intensity level. Your goals during this period of not feeling well should be just to move around and to keep you from getting stiff.

Dear Kirk,

Is it safe to exercise at a high intensity during this extremely cold weather? Carol in Phoenixville.

Dear Carol,

It is safe if you are used to it. Just like any extreme environment, whether it is hot, cold, wet, slippery, dark, etc., you must take certain precautions. In the cold weather remember to dress in layers of sweat wicking clothing. This means that the inner most layer of clothing should not trap sweat against your body. To keep you warm, your clothing must be able to take the moisture away from your skin. You can find this type of clothing in ski shops and sporting goods stores. Remember to wear a hat to keep your head warm and the appropriate footwear for the activity you are doing.

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