Every day has two handles. We can take hold of doubt or faith. Our choice will determine our entire day.

Let us feed our faith, and doubt will starve. For faith is daring to go beyond what the eyes can see. It relies on God and believes before actually observing. And by accepting as true wholeheartedly, it actualizes our desires.

Our true happiness, in family, in business, in leisure, comes from faith in God's great ability to give us good success in whatever we want to achieve.

God speaks clearly of the power of faith.

He says that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for us.

He reveals that our faith can move a mountain. He expresses that faith will achieve the impossible when it is His perfect will.

We must create an atmosphere in which faith can flourish; an environment for God to work His miracles.

Just as an egg is developed under the warm atmosphere of the mother hen, snuggled in the nest, nurtured with love and warmth before it can come forth, we must create a place of peaceful inspiration where our faith can grow.

Our surrounding affects our thoughts, moods and actions. So quietness is a must, creating a home of cleanliness, neatness and order. With every conver-sation, express appreciation, encouragement and love. To do this we must pray in the morning, at lunchtime, and before bedtime, thanking God for all our blessings. And by expressing each good thing specifically, we know He is working His perfect will in our lives.

God's power cannot be release when we are full of doubt, anxiety and discontent.

When we change our approach from doubt to faith, positive things began to happen. We are fervent with renewed ambition, enthusiastic with purpose, and hopeful with joyful expectation. God will make a way for our abilities if it is for our good and can positively influence others.

Sometimes, God takes a situation out of our hands for a while. It is not that He has forgotten us; He is just working things out according to His perfect timing. There is a lesson in everything that happens to us.

Even while it seems that nothing is happening, His great plans for our life will not go unfulfilled, for His predestined purpose for each life must come to pass.

He works on both ends, on our end with inspiration, and on the other end to receive it.

But it is faith that sustains me. It upholds, nourishes and strengthens me. It helps to navigating the pitfalls and grows in wisdom and trust. Abraham Lincoln wrote, "I am confident that the almighty has His plans and will work them out; and, whether we see it or not, they will be the best for us."

Our great goal and purpose will be manifested if we keep our mind on Him. Remember, to make your request known, with thanksgiving, and He will bring them to pass. God will always make a way for us.

Morning light breaks through the dark. And the renewal of the newborn day is upon us. Each moment is a gift that we are given to make the most of, for His glory.

When I am quiet, I hear that still small voice within my heart say, "Follow Me," "I will never leave you."

God knows best.

He is a creator and He never changes, and He is still creating today. By keeping in touch with Him we are continually growing and being inspired to create also. We must always stay in tune with Him, as the plants need the sun and water. Our faith grows in the warmth of His love, and is refreshed.

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