The following Devon Prep students were named to the 2009-10 First Quarter Honor Roll.

Distinguished Honors reflects an average of 3.80 and above. Honors reflect an average of 3.0 and above.

Distinguished Honors


Jacob R. Boehmer of Collegeville

Justin P. Chiccarine of Collegeville

Theodore J. Lawrence of Collegeville

Alex Lee of Chester Springs

Jordan R. McDevitt of Chester Springs

James P. Meyer of Phoenixville

Brian R. Silvestri of Phoenixville


Jeffrey R. Bevan of Phoenixville

Gregory C. Bokar of Chester Springs

Joseph J. Kozak of Phoenixville

Nicholas A. Pancerella of Collegeville


Matthew T. Burke of Chester Springs

Patrick M. McCann of Phoenixville

Adam T. Swift of Audubon

Alexander Teplyakov of Phoenixville

Nicholas J. Weis of Collegeville


Christopher J. Clayton of Phoenixville

Jacob E. Riedel of Pottstown

Ryan T. Shannon of Royersford

Eighth Grade

Andrew A. Bright of Phoenixville

Kevin S. Sheng of Chester Springs

Seventh Grade

Russell T. Emery of Phoenixville

Nicholas G. Mara of Phoenixville

Jack T. Murphy of Phoenixville

David T. Randall of Audubon

Andrew N. Shannon of Royersford

Sixth Grade

Alexandru Damian of Audubon

Matthew J. McLaughlin of Phoenixville



Zachary A. Koehler of Chester Springs


Ryan C. Carson of Phoenixville

Kyle M. Engle of Pottstown

Richard J. Glikes of Chester Springs

Kyle M. Engle of Pottstown

Alexander J. Smith of Audubon

Basilius C. Wangemann of Chester Springs


Matthew A. Kramer of Chester Springs

Daniel J. McGarry of Chester Springs

Benjamin O. Olivas of Phoenixville

Nicholas Ragsdale of Collegeville

Justin C. Smith Phoenixville


Michael A. Giampietro of Phoenixville

Brian E. Kozak of Phoenixville

Michael P. LaBella of Collegeville

Zachary S. Schaefer of Valley Forge

Eighth Grade

Sean J. Bevan of Phoenixville

Seventh Grade

Nicholas G. Giampietro of Phoenixville

Max Lee of Chester Springs

Sixth Grade

Lorezno T. Giannandrea of Phoenixville

Robert P. Pickell of Collegeville

Fadee V. Rumman-Obeid of Collegeville

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