Phoenixville Summer Reading Club

The members of the Summer Reading Club.

What do you do when there are eight kids approximately 9-years-old going into the fourth grade for the summer?

Well Robin Fetter, an advocate for children’s reading, came up with the “Summer Reading Club 2019.” The club met in her home — with the assistance of Jeannie Kane Readman.

The eight readers covered several area schools — Barkley, Holy Family, Manovan, Schuylkill and East Vincent. The kids barely knew each other, but quickly bonded. The parents also got to know each other.

The book the club read was “Maniac Magee” written by local author Jerry Spinelli. In 1990, Spinelli won the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for fiction as well the Newbery Medal for his publication. To date, he has written 25-plus books for children and young adults, many of them award-winners.

To begin, Miss Robin gave each reader a bag of “clues.” The bag held items (clues) that the kids needed to find while reading.

The book shares the adventures that took a young Maniac Magee from Holidaysville to Norristown, Pa., covering one-year. The main character (Maniac) helps bring a racially-divided community together.

The afternoon we met for this interview included pizza and watermelon. The kids eagerly and with great excitement told me of their Reading Club adventures. Miss Robin made a commitment to continue the Reading Club with the same kids until they graduated high school. This was met with instant cheers!

The club members agreed to continue their new friendships by fundraising for local charities. It was decided to show support for the Phoenixville Bed Race. Due to age limits for the runners to be 18 years old, the club members turned to their parents for help. The runners will be the moms and dads. Of course, they also have to build the beds, too. The theme of their bed is “Bedtime Stories with Maniac Magee.”

The race will be held Saturday, Nov. 2, on Third Avenue at Reeves Park. Funds raised for the race will be shared by Ann’s Heart of Phoenixville – Good Samaritan Services and The House: Phoenixville Women’s Outreach. The motto of the race is “no one is without a bed to sleep in.” The nonprofits provide emergency and transitional shelters to the community for those who experience homelessness.

It seems like everyone involved with the Reading Club is involved with the Phoenixville Bed Race. The kids themselves are busy taking donations so they can meet their $500+ goal. If you wish to contribute to their goal, email for details.

It seems to be the goal of Miss Robin, Miss Jeannie and the parents that this Summer Reading Club peak the kids’ interest in not only reading for the classroom but the love of reading for life!

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