Sandy Dantonio

Sandy Dantonio

As I was getting ready for an interview one Saturday morning, my mind wandered back. I hate to admit about 60 ago, I remember going to school with a Michael Dantonio.

Even thorough we are Facebook friends it was the first time that Sandy Dantonio and I met in person. When I asked her if she know Michael Dantonio, she became very quiet — paused — and told me he was her husband. He was the “love of her life” — and that he died in 2002.

They met in the late 1980s at the Italian Club on the north side of Phoenixville and married in shortly afterward. They have two children, Justin and Kileyann. Sandy has an older daughter, Tara. Tara’s dad is Sandy’s first husband Rick Pannella. He died when Tara was very young.

Sandy has two grandsons — her pride & joys — Cody and Michael. She like to spent as much time with them when she can. She enjoys babysitting baby Michael every Tuesday.

From 1987 until his death, Michael and Sandy were a real couple, enjoying life, each other and their family.

Sandy graduated from Phoenixville Area High School in 1973. She has worked the last  10 years for Walgreen’s as a beauty adviser, along with being a hostess at Iron Hill Brewery for eight years.

Back when she was a “cafeteria mom” at Holy Family School, she met Phyllis Feulner. They developed a fast friendship that continues to this day. They are amigos who like to travel together and spend time checking out local events and places of interest. Sometimes, Phyllis’ husband Keith goes along. They have been going to Salem, Mass., in October for their Halloween celebrations.

Sandy comes from Irish-Dutch-German stock. Family is everything to her. He two sisters — Barbara and Jolene — are her best friends. She has two brothers — Chuck and the late Rusty, who passed. Along with Mom — Joan. They all enjoy family events and events along with day-to-day interaction with each other.

She loves to cook as did her Michael. This easy recipe here is one they enjoyed. It was one Michael developed and enjoyed serving to family and friends.


Fast – Easy – Good

1 large bag of frozen ravioli

1 packet of Good Seasons Dressing

Cook frozen ravioli according to package instructions. Drain ravioli& carefully layer in a baking dish/pan.

Mix the Good Seasons packet according to instructions. Pour Good Seasons mixture over ravioli. Chill (marinate) before serving.


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