Laura Keen

It was about eight years ago that Laura Keen moved to Phoenixville with her 10-year old son Dylan.

The move was much more than the 16 miles between Bryn Mawr and Phoenixville. It was the time she chose to change her vocation. Laura graduated from Ursinus College in Collegeville with a degree in accounting. For 15-years she worked for SEI Investments as a senior accountant.

Laura is a dreamer with creative talents. Starting with an inexpensive camera, she has become a noted photographer. Social media allowed her business and her talents to grow and develop.

“Life doesn’t happen in a studio” — her studio is everywhere. Every day that she shoots offers a different experience. She does it all — weddings, fashion campaigns, birth stories, rock art and tours. Her work has been featured in multiple national publications.

One of Laura’s specialty is shooting still frames for movies while filming. Music tours and film stills have taken her to Iceland, Scotland with an upcoming job scheduled in the Dominican Republic. The movie shoots can be grueling. After running around shooting all days, the pictures need to be received by the film staff by evening.

She shoots for many noted bands and musicians, including Ben Folds. With her connections, she hosts fund-raisers, many in her home and backyard. Laura’s events benefit many different avenues. As a patron of the arts and community, she spearheads benefits for Phoenixville-area art centers, raises money for PACS, funds music lessons for area students and hosts LGBT galas supporting area residents.

Laura believes “the true draw of Phoenixville has always been about the town’s citizens — diverse, colorful and forward-thinking.”

One neighbor who made a significant impact on her was Alex Szabo.

Mr. Szabo did not have a porch attached to his house. He would set out two lawn chairs on his driveway and just waited for someone to walk by. He would invite them to sit and chat. He died recently at the age of 93. Laura misses him and his friendship.

She also misses Dylan a lot. As he now attending Temple University and lives near campus.

Wanting to meet new people after moving to Phoenixville, she founded KMRC (Keen Music Roundtable Collective). The group has grown from two to 300 members. The collective is geared toward music listening parties, attending concerts, hosting house concerts and celebrating the mutual appreciation of vinyl records and rock lore.

Laura’s work is displayed to the public online at, gallery showings and her new book “Chasing Light.” So, check out what she is up to. She teaches photography to teens through those in their 90s.

Famous, or maybe it is notorious, for her cocktails, she shares with us a favorite blend she enjoys. Great to serve all year round, especially in the fall and winter.


4 – 5 ozs. ginger beer

1.5 ozs. vodka

½ oz. sweetened cranberry juice

½ oz. fresh lime juice

2 sprigs of rosemary

fresh or frozen cranberries for garnish

Muddle sprig of rosemary with cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker. Add vodka & ice — shake well. Stained the vodka-cranberry mixture over ice into a copper mule mug. Pour ginger beer mixture until mug is full. Garnish is a rosemary sprig & float a few fresh or frozen cranberries on top.


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