Don Grinstead

Don Grinstead came to Phoenixville to spent one summer for a visit. From Dayton, Ohio, he had plans to hang out with his friend Tommy. Plus, he got a job at the YMCA with the summer camp. From that time on even when living elsewhere, he always kept returning to Phoenixville and the Y.

In 2007 he returned from a two-year stay in Florida. While working at the Y, he met Megan Christ. Don and Megan have been together for almost 11 years. They have been raising their family together. The household is rounded out with Kris (16) and Makayla (13). With two teenagers, you can imagine that it is a hectic household.

Don loves to play golf. He admits that he is not good at it. That does not matter as he will play any chance he can.

He has been the head football coach for the Phoenix Phantoms for the past two years. He is proud to be able to have an important role in directing the team players. Not only on the football field — but with their personal achievements.

Of course, football practice and games are after-school activities. During the day, Don can be found in the high school office as he is the attendance clerk.

Don seems like a “gentle giant.” He is well-liked and respected by all that meet and deal with him.

Coach Don and his team of 45 players (age of 15 to 18 years old) look forward to next year’s football season. He feels that the team is ready to compete at the next level. His son Kris is a member of the team.

They have been gaining quite a large fan base — parents and friends come out to support the team during the practices as well as the games.

Don and his family are very sports orientated. If they are not participating, they are watching games, especially on television.

The family enjoys grilling with cedar planks. The method is quite simple. First you soak cedar planks in warm water for optimal 15 minutes. You can use wine, sake, cider or water. There is no need to soak any longer as flavor infuses after 15 minutes. Now, you place cedar planks on top of the grill grate. Place food — in this case salmon — on top. This adds a smokey flavor to the food.

A favorite meal is Salmon with White Rice & Broccoli. Megan seasons the salmon by rubbing seasoning onto each piece before placing each piece skin-side down on the planks. The skin is tasty and acts as a safety layer between the fish’s flesh and a hot pan or grill. You can use whatever rub you prefer. Grill for 15 to 20 minutes. At least until it reaches 135-degrees.


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