Bonnie Bloomquist

Bonnie Bloomquist has worked at the Gateway Pharmacy for 44 years. If you shop there, most likely you have never seen her but you may have talked with her on the phone. As controller, she handles all the finances for the Gateway group.

After graduating from the Phoenixville Area High School, she attended Ursinus College, taking accounting courses. She worked at White Shield in downtown Phoenixville while attending classes.

Bonnie is the youngest of the four Bloomquist children. The two oldest, Ron and Gerry, are twins. Her brother, Kirby, was a well-known chief of police for East Pikeland Township. He died in 2014 and is missed by this family and the community.

Keeping up with Bonnie can be a roller coaster ride. She is all over the place. When her mother, Marie Bloomquist, was alive, they took bus trips to the shore, especially Atlantic City.

Bonnie is drawn to the Jersey Shore. Besides her home here, she owns a place in Margate. She decided that when she retires in two years, that is will she will live.

Many of you may remember Betsy Bloomquist. She worked for the Daily Republican (now The Phoenix) for many years. She now lives in Kentucky. Bonnie and Betsy are sister-in-laws and keep in touch.

Bonnie loves to travel — I mean loves to travel. She has traveled through most of Europe and beyond — at times visiting a country more than once.

Her heritage is Swedish and German. Bonnie leans toward her father’s Swedish side. She once auditioned for a Swedish reality show. Eliminated because she had previously traveled to Sweden (which did not fit the show’s criteria).

She really enjoys going to the American Swedish Historical Museum located in South Philadelphia. It is part of a historic 17th-century land grant provided by Queen Christina of Sweden to settlers of New Sweden.

Bonnie plans to return to Sweden this coming June. She and Heather Schelhorn — her fellow traveler — will go on to Scotland. They have been friends since the at age of 7 and in the second grade at East Pikeland Elementary School.

Bonnie loves checking out restaurants and wineries, reading and cooking. In her travels, a country’s food and its traditions and celebrations are of great interest to her.

Sweden celebrates Christmas, Easter, Swedish National Day, Midsummer and the Crayfish Party. Because of the size of Sweden, the foods of the north & southern regions differ. Most of the country is noted for Northern Lights.

She shares with us an easy but real favorite Swedish dish of hers:


Beet & Egg Salad

4 medium cooked beets

5 hard-boiled eggs

1 head lettuce

Roquefort dressing*

Cook beets, when cool slice thin. Slice hard-boiled eggs. Arrange lettuce leaves on plate or platter. Arrange beets and eggs in a pattern to your liking. Serve Roquefort dressing on the side.

*Roquefort Dressing Recipe – add crumbled Roquefort cheese to a French dressing. Combine by shaking well. Makes about four salads.

I told you it was easy and yet so tasty.


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