Sheryl Mason Light

Sheryl Mason Light

It is her faith, the love in her heart and the ability to share it that best describes Sheryl Mason Light.

Sheryl and her brother Steven are “PKs” (Preacher’s Kids). Their father Jack Mason was senior pastor at the Assembly of God Church on Ridge Road near Spring City. He recently retired after over 50 years.

She went through the East Pikeland-Phoenixville school system. After graduating high school, she traveled to Missouri to attend Evangel University.

It is there she met her husband, Scott Light. It was a good match as they have been married for 25 years. They recently celebrated with an anniversary trip to Venice and Rome highlighted by a side trip to the Greek island of Santorini.

When trying to find their direction in life, the Lights decided that whoever got a job first is where they would move. Scott is from Cleveland. Well, Sheryl was offered an assistant controller position at the George Washington Motor Lodge in King of Prussia. So, they returned to the area. Scott started his life long career in sales. Today is vice president of sales at Analytical Graphics Inc.

There are two Light children — Bethany, 21, and Graham, 19. Both are off searching for their own direction. About 10-years ago, Sheryl realized that she and Scott would be empty-nesters in a few short years. It is at that time she made a move to fulfill a life-long dream of being a funeral director.

After attending Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, she received her license in 2015. She is associated with R. Shrunk Funeral Home and Shalkop Grace & Shrunk Funeral Home.

There is a lot of energy and most of all caring in her demure stature. Her gift is the interacting and helping to those who most need someone. Nothing is beneath her. She has done it all, even heavy lifting.

“Work hard, play hard” is the family motto. Along with “you have to leave to love.” That is how she feels about returning to Phoenixville. She likes as well as loves living here.

Sheryl and Scott enjoy many activities together and the family. Their entire family is planning on a vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine, this summer. They enjoy biking, hiking, swing dancing, cooking — it seems they just like doing things together.

They like to invest their time and energy with young couples. Recently, they baby-sat three small children for a weekend so the parents could get away. What a generous thing to do.

Sheryl enjoys seeking out recipes and trying foods from many different places. Here is a favorite.


1 can coconut milk

2 Tbsp. Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste

2 Tbsp. brown sugar

2 cups uncooked boneless chicken breasts

2 cups chopped veggies*

1-2 Tbsp. olive oil

2 Tbsp. fish sauce

¼ cup chopped Thai or Italian basil

salt & pepper to taste

Sauté chicken in olive oil, salt & pepper to taste. When the chicken is cooked drain off liquid. Set chicken aside. In same pan pour coconut milk, bring to a boil, lower heat. Add curry paste, brown sugar and vegetables. Cook to your preference of tenderness of the vegetables. Add fish sauce and top with basil. Best served with rice.

*Sheryl uses zucchini, spinach, carrots & onions.


Contract Bette at Search YouTube – with Bette Banjack. As well as (search bar Banjack). She can be found on Facebook. Her book “2 Cups of Yesterday” can be found at the Gateway Pharmacy or by contacting her directly.

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