Liz D'Angelo

Liz Barboni D'Angelo

In the mid-2000s Medicare Part D was being introduced to the country with great confusion. I know first-hand of the confusion as I worked at a call center that handled questions pertaining to this change.

Chester County offered workshops to check out this new addition to medical havoc. As my mom was on Medicare, we went to the Phoenixville Senior Center to see what-was-what.

It was there we met Liz D’Angelo. She was one of the APPRISE Volunteers who explain Medicare and make comparisons on an individual basis.

Liz has BS in biology from Juniata College, an MS in applied statistics from Villanova and PhD from Temple University. Choosing a career in pharmaceutics, she has worked for two large pharmaceutical companies — ICI/AstraZeneca (for 25 years) and Wyeth Laboratories, along with non-profits, volunteering extensively and a family business. She enjoys meeting people with multi-tasking one of her best attributes.

Liz met Larry D’Angelo while working at Wyeth. They have been married over 40 years. From 1976 to 1986 they lived on Merlin Road in the Bevan Orchard sections of Phoenixville. In 1986 they moved to their current residence near West Chester.

Rounding out the family are their two poodles-mixes. With a love of animals, the D’Angelos foster dogs as well. One time they had a pregnant mother dog who had nine puppies. So, there were ten dogs living with them for eight weeks. At that time the puppies were old enough to adopt out.

They enjoy a vacation home on the Susquehanna River above Harrisburg. There are vacations to visit friends and relative in Florida and California.

Liz is from Norristown, where her 91-year-old mother still lives in the family home. She was an only child for ten years, when her brother Edward made his appearance.

She had an unusual playground while growing up — Riverside Cemetery in Jeffersonville. The reason was that the family business Norristown Memorial Works was adjoining their house. Liz’s dad headed the business until his death in 1977 — building their house in 1949 next to the cemetery.

With a love of animals Liz works part-time at the Concord Pike Veterinary Hospital. Larry is retired. During the warm weather he is the “pool boy.”

Liz’s photography talents can be found all over the house. There has been a tug-of-war over where and if she can hang more that are waiting.

Whenever Liz and I go to lunch I notice she likes to eat healthy.

So, she shares with us her kale recipe.

KALE with Potatoes

1 package or bunch of Kale 

2 to 3 cloves of garlic — minced or sliced

1 potato of choice – diced

16oz. can marrow beans (navy beans) or chickpeas

olive oil

grated Romano cheese

Sauté garlic in olive oil, when brown add in potato. Add enough water to partially cover potato. When cooked smash the potato slightly. Wash and clean kale — add into potato garlic water pot & simmer for a half of hour. Add beans — continue to cook for a few minutes so all the ingredients are incorporated & beans are heated through. Serve topped with grated cheese. This recipe can be doubled — but be careful not to use too much garlic when you double.

Bette’s Note: drain & rinse beans before adding into dish.


Contract Bette at Search YouTube – with Bette Banjack. As well as (search bar Banjack). She can be found on Facebook. Her book “2 Cups of Yesterday” can be found at the Gateway Pharmacy or by contacting her directly.

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