Julie Brufke Wenger

Julie Brufke Wenger

It was in the 1990s that Julie Brufke Wenger purchased the ironic Coffee Cup at the busy corner of Bridge and Gay streets in Phoenixville. The plan was to locate her up-and-coming tax business there.

At the time of the purchase, the town was at a low, reeling from the close of the Phoenix Steel Co. with other businesses following suit. Julie took a chance and founded Phoenix Tax Consultants LLC.

Julie hails from Delaware County and graduated from Villanova University with a degree in accounting. She started her career in the corporate sector.

At the time, Julie had her first two of four children. She wanted to find a job to fit into her busy schedule, deciding tax preparation was the way to go.

It has been 29 years since she settled in Phoenixville in the 2,400-square-foot Coffee Cup property. She has since acquired the bakery property next door on Bridge Street. Today, Phoenix Tax Consultants has approximately 5,000 square feet.

Julie attributes the growth and success of her business to the workers of Phoenix Steel and continuing growth of their families, as well as the workers of B.F. Goodrich. It is loyalty gained through Phoenix Tax’s vision, relationships and trust.

Julie and her four daughters settled on Valley Forge Mountain. They enjoy the beauty and history. It is perfect as it is four miles and 13 minutes from the office.

Julie is very proud of all her daughters. Martha, Juliegrace, Sarah and Carley all have graduated with degrees and are all working in their chosen fields. One is a political journalist, and the others are with Aetna, IBM and Prudential.

Julie and her husband, Ron Wenger, are runners. They run wherever they happen to be. They enjoy running together but do run by themselves. Julie has run one full marathon, as well as 30 half-marathons.

As if there is not enough on her plate, she is a writer. Her novel, "The Moonlight Path," can be found on Amazon. It tells of a young girl finding her life’s journey.

This last December, one of her many financial articles was featured in the The Journal of Financial Planning. She also has been featured in The World Street Journal and on KYW Radio and NBC10.

Involved in the growth of Phoenixville, she is an active member of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce. Her vision reflects the old, the present and the future. She loves the blend of cultures in the area.

Phoenix Tax does tax preparation along with financial planning. A reminder: this year’s tax deadline is April 15.

Due to a very busy schedule, there are many late-night dinners. She does much of her cooking on weekends., often for the week ahead. It works out well, as Ron acts as sous chef, following directions and getting the food on the table.

This is an easy, quick and oh-so-good recipe from Julie.

Super Easy Hershey Bar Pie

1 pre-made chocolate cookie pie crust

2 tubes Cool Whip

1 7-oz. chocolate bar (you could use chocolate with almonds or toffee)

Melt chocolate bar in microwave on low until soft. Fold in one tube of Cool Whip. Place the mixture into pie crust. Spread second tube of Cool Whip on top.

As a special treat, garnish with sliced bananas or strawberries, or sprinkle chopped nuts on top.


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