George Michael Gatcha

George Michael Gatcha

Some of us never find and are always searching to find the direction of their life’s work. There is the hit-and-miss path, along with always knowing — graduate high school and attending college. There are some who never find what they seek. Then there are the few that always knew.

George Michael Gatcha was one who always knew that he wanted to be a funeral director. Even at the young age of 7.

It all started at when he was an alter boy at St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church in Mont Clare. Until the age of 21 he was part of the cluster of clergies and their assistants who led the church services.

George Michael was drawn to funeral services and all that it involved. He most remembers the quintessential funeral director — wearing a suit and tie handing out the funeral cards.

A big attraction was that most of all they all seem to drive a Cadillac.

At a young age he involved his self with the Devlin Rosmos Kepp Funeral Home on Main Street at Fourth Avenue in Phoenixville. The original Devlin Funeral Home was located on Franklin Avenue (from 1928-1952).

He started his climb up through the ranks. It took “blood, sweat & tears.” He received an associate’s degree from the Northampton College in Bethlehem, Pa. George Michael received is license to become a funeral director in 1995 after passing both National and State Boards examinations.

He not only has achieved his dream of becoming a funeral director he is the owner of Devlin, Rosmos, Kepp and Gatcha Funeral Home at the Main Street location.

May I mention that he got the Cadillac he so coveted as a youth. After a while he traded his personal vehicle for a Jeep — which was much more fun to drive around.

George Michael is the oldest of the three children of George and Penny (Hutter) Gatcha. Growing up they lived in nearby East Vincent Township — attending St. Mary’s school on the northside of Phoenixville.

George Michael has shared his music talents on the organ. Today, he is a member of St. Michael’s Byzantine Church. He has shared his musical ministry by playing at all the Catholic churches in the area for the last 21 years. He spends most of his time on the organ at St. Mary’s Church.

Family is important to the Gatchas. He is the proud father to his three boys — George Michael, Nicholas and Aiden. They love the outdoors. He is at his best when working in his garden planting flowers and landscaping his two-acre home in East Pikeland.

Never having ever traveled out of the states, he has a dream to travel to the Ukraine. To bring together his Ukrainian & Eastern European roots. He loves the foods of his heritage — the comfort foods. The foods that are easy to make and feed the family.

If you met 1,000 Haluski makers — you would most likely find 1,000 different recipes. Here is how his family make theirs.


Amounts of ingredients according to your taste!

small head of cabbage


chopped onion

1 lb. bag egg noodles

Sauerkraut (optional for added bite)

cup or so of cottage cream

salt & pepper to taste

Chop onions and shred cabbage into small pieces. Sauté in large frying pan the onions and cabbage in butter and simmer until tender. Be patient as it will take a little while to cook until desired consistency. Cook egg noodles according to package and drain (do not rinse). Combine cabbage/onions, cooked noodles, sauerkraut and cottage cheese — continue to cook until heated through. Finally salt and pepper to taste.


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