Ellie Acampora

Ellie and Ed Acampora

You may not recognize the name Ellie Acampora, but many of you sure know who I mean when I say “Ellie’s Choice.”

On a recent Tuesday, I met with Ellie and her husband, Ed Acampora, for breakfast. Ellie’s Choice is closed Monday and Tuesdays, so it is a day for them to catch up and run errands.

Ellie comes from Philadelphia and Ed comes from North Jersey. They met at work in Center City Philadelphia. They moved to Collegeville 28 years ago, still living on the same property. There are currently three fur babies who have lots of room to roam.

The Acamporas are strong supporters of animal rescue and the care and safety of all animals. They support any rescue — especially the Animal House Project in Pottstown. The project’s mission is “to keep pets at home and out of shelters by providing donated pet food and pet care services.”

Besides the Collegeville home, they own two properties in the nearby Poconos Mountains. This gives them the opportunity enjoy the outdoors and all that goes with it. Besides the land, there is a lake to add to the beauty.

A few years after moving to Collegeville, Ellie opened her shop, Ellie’s Choice. April 30 will be the 25th anniversary of when it first opened. Its specialty is a trendy combination of clothing and gifts. There is a focus on the works of artists and causes. They are happy to offer "Made in America” and “Fair Trade” labels.

Since Ellie has opened her doors in Phoenixville, she has been active in the Phoenixville Area Business Association (PABA), srving as president and a member of the board for many years. She is a merchant you can find out front sweeping the pavement.

As Ed has recently retired from PennDOT, Ellie is considering retiring herself in the future so they can enjoy life, living on the lands they own.

The shop offers many types of candles. Ed is the chief candle maker for the shop’s handmade variety. The shop is in the process of updating its inventory, especially the clothing line. High on the list of collectibles are those related to fairies, dragons and witches’ balls with a new additional of Oro”. They also do a great business with their incense collection. Check it out at ellieschoice.com.

Sunday is a good time to check out what Ellis has to offer, as well the downtown area in Phoenixville. There is free parking all day on Sundays. Downtown Phoenixville has become a very popular place to spend time.

Ellies's Eye Roast With Vegetables

Best to use a large crock pot. Roll eye roast in cornstarch, and place in crock pot. Add onion and Mrs. Dash’s Seasonings (to taste) and water to come halfway up the pot. Then add in Gravy Master (sort of a Kitchen Bouquet). Slow cook for three to four hours, depending on the size. One hour before the roast is done cooking, add potatoes, carrots and any other veggies you are planning to use. Slice leftover roast for great sandwiches.

Ellie's Coleslaw

Buy already shredded cabbage in a bag or a small head of cabbage to shred. Mix mayonnaise, a little sugar and the shredded cabbage. Add a little vinegar if you would like. Lastly, add crushed pineapple and a little of the juice to your liking. Then drink the rest — one of the best juices for your lungs.


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