Dr. Steven B. Siepser

Dr. Steven B. Siepser

If you look online or in the dictionary for the definition of a "Renaissance Man," — defined as “a person with many talents or areas of knowledge” — you will see the picture of Dr. Steven Siepser.

He is a noted and well-known ophthalmologist. He is celebrating his 44th year in practice. The primary office of Siepser Laser Eyecare is in King of Prussia, with another office in Plymouth Meeting.

Dr. Siepser found his way to ophthalmology after starting out by going to dental school after college. As dentistry was not his niche, he switched to pediatrics. His favorite rotation was the neonatal intensive care unit. As the parents were coping with their child and stunned, he discovered he connected more with the grandparents of the babies under his care. They had the wisdom and perspective to understand what a miracle was occurring.

The grandparents seemed more grateful for his care than the parents. It was at that time he decided to switch to ophthalmology. There he could deal with the eyes connected with aging and care for the “grandparents” directly.

Dr. Siepser has developed multiple procedures and is known as someone who doesn’t even know there is “a box.” His claim to fame is an operation he developed that equated the tying of sutures inside eyes with that of a similar technique used in the fabrication of “flies” used in fly fishing.

To date, he has performed over 35,000 procedures, including cataracts and LASIK. He is on the staff of Bryn Mawr and Will’s Eye hospitals.

Dr. Siesper and his wife of 19-years, Susannah Small, and their family live on a 70-acre working horse farm in Chester County named Laureleye Farms. They have three children and raised two adult Siepser children from a previous marriage.

The farm boards 35 horses, including four horses that they own. All the Siepsers ride. Susannah comes from a horse family — her grandfather is in the horse racing hall of fame; her father was a steeplechase jockey. The farm adjoins an 800-acre open space, perfect for great trail rides and hiking.

The day-to-day operation of the farm falls under Susannah’s direction. A full-time business with an attentive staff caring for their owner’s pets, Laureleye Farms offers horse boarding, training, leasing, sales and lessons.

Busy as they are, they often travel to medical conventions where Dr. Siepser lectures and demonstrates the procedures he has developed.

Dr. Siepser’s medical résumé is over 13 pages long. The man does or has done it all. He is an airplane and helicopter pilot, having flown various airplanes, stunt planes and a helicopter. He likes to sail, play golf, and the list goes on and on.

He believes “things just happen.” He comes up with some of his best ideas while he is sleeping. As not to forget, he takes notes after he wakes up. It is a wonder that he has time to sleep.

He writes for many different venues, enjoying an occasional piece for the lay press. He fondly recalls tinkering and building things with his grandfather, which probably started him down the “handiwork” path. The Siepser family roots extend back to Eastern Europe; part of the family settled in Peekskill, N.Y. A family patriarch was a rancher and kosher butcher for the Borsch Belt (Jewish Vaudeville) in the Catskills.

Dr. Steven Siepser is a caring and completely dedicated professional. Since the mid 1990s, under his care, both my mother and I have had cataract surgery. It was with this surgery I went from wearing glasses with ½-inch-thick lenses to not having to wear any at all. He continues to keep my vision on an even-keel.

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