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I feel as though my current Realtor is not paying attention to the type of home I want to purchase. I have been very specific on the types of homes I am interested in, however the homes he sends to me do not match. I have sent him an email outlining once again what I would like to purchase. I have looked on line at websites and see properties that match my descriptions. I understand that they are a bit out of my price range but I feel in this type of market the Sellers are negotiating. Is it time to find a new agent?

Look at the entire picture. You state that you are finding homes that match your criteria on line however they are out of your price range. This is a problem. Some areas are not experiencing a difficult buyer's market as many would think. The Agent is sending you homes within your price range. I cannot tell from your email whether or not the homes you are finding are $5,000 out of your price range or $30,000 out of your price range. That is an issue.

If you are looking at homes that are priced much higher than what you can afford or what you are willing to pay you will spin your wheels consistently. Once in a while a home comes onto the market and Realtors understand that it is priced too high for whatever reason. I'm sure your Realtor would bring that type of situation to your attention. But even in those situations the Seller is not willing to come off of their list price for a period of time.

I would have a face to face with your Realtor or at least a very involved telephone conversation. State what it is you want and listen to what the Realtor is telling you. If he is telling you the type of home you want does not exist in your price range you may need to bring your price range up or even consider purchasing a home in a different area where the prices are not as high. Either way with an informative conversation you and your Realtor should be able to figure this out.

Is the Seller required to leave a stove when purchasing a home?

It depends on the situation. If there is a Use and Occupancy where the home is located, yes it would be required to have a stove. If you are purchasing with FHA, VA or USDA financing a stove is required. It's best to speak with your Realtor so he/she can provide you with the correct response which will depend on your actual situation.

Should I leave left over paint for the new buyers of my home?

Have your Realtor speak to the Buyer's Realtor and ask them. Some buyers are very happy to be able to match the colors that are already in your home. Others may be repainting the home and won't have a use for them. It's always a good idea to ask the question rather than to assume and have an issue at settlement.

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