EXTON — Cynthia Jackson of Downingtown was prevented from hugging her new benefactor due to social distancing protocols established during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jackson was in a bind. She needed front and rear brakes and two new tires to get her car through inspection. Cash was short.

To her rescue came Peggy of Glenmoore (she requested that her last name not be used) who picked up the $1,100 tab for the repairs.

It was a chance encounter and the two women had never met. Peggy had visited Goodyear Exton Tire to get an oil change.

“It’s such a blessing,” Jackson said. “You sometimes don’t believe that people really care anymore.

“I’m a woman of faith. Everything worked the way God wanted it to work. You never know who is going to help you.”

Jackson said she was still “overwhelmed” an hour after the encounter. She estimated that both women are in their sixties.

Jackson said that the younger crowd should know that “Baby Boomers are trying to do what’s right.”

David Bockius is sales manager at Goodyear Exton Tire and said that at 6’1” and 240 pounds he was so moved that he had to walk away. The shop has been closing at 1 p.m. owing to a lack of work.

“I gave her the bad news and gave her the options,” he said. “The car couldn’t pass without having the work done.

“In this time of everything going crazy and worrying about the virus, it’s nice to know that people want to pay it forward and still have a good sense of decency. It’s like something you see in a movie.”

Bockius said this was not the first time that Peggy had paid for work at the shop for a stranger.

Peggy told the sales manager that she had been lucky.

“I’ve had a fortunate life and try to give back where I can,” Peggy said.

Peggy did ask for a favor in return. She wants to stay in touch with Jackson and said it would be nice if Jackson would bake her a cake.

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