WEST CHESTER — Residents of Arbour Square at West Chester know about the grim statistics on nursing homes in Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, the Chester County coroner's office reported that more than 83 percent of all COVID-19-related deaths in the county came from long-term care facilities.

But the residents aren't concerned at all. Not a single coronavirus confirmed case has come from Arbour Square. And the residents who live at the 149-unit complex say it's because the staff there are taking so many precautions.

"They have done an outstanding job," said John Emrich, a resident at Arbour Square. "You can't go through the front door unless you are masked, period. You can't have visitors, period. We eat in our rooms. We don't do anything among ourselves."

Enhanced resident protection protocols have been in place since March 18 when the novel coronavirus began its spread. Since then, visitors have not been allowed, family members have had to bring essential supplies to residents, the dining room has been closed and special accommodations were made for memory care residents.

“We are so grateful to the residents, team members and family members at Arbour Square for their support and encouragement over the past few months," said Christine Thompson, executive director at Arbour Square. " Working together, we have been vigilant against COVID-19 and we are so pleased that none of our residents have contracted the virus. These team members are our heroes, doing everything they can to support our residents every day. The Arbour Square community is truly a family and it has been so gratifying to see them come together during this challenging time.”

Emrich said he doesn't mind holing up in his room because has his newspapers, magazines and TV. But he said he does miss the nickle-and-dime poker games played among the residents.

"People here have paid attention to what needed to be done," he said. "Nobody's complaining and they are doing a great job controlling it. I know you have the normal yo-yos who just don't understand (the gravity of the situation), but the majority of the people here do. We need some positive news, and this is positive."

Emrich said all meals are brought to residents' rooms, with a choice of entrees. He said the mood has been upbeat, though many long to get back to normal living.

Staff at Arbour Square frequently disinfect living areas and assist residents with use of technology to keep in touch with their loved ones.

The 150,000 square-foot Arbor Square located at 1201 Ward Avenue opened a little more than two years ago. It offers three levels of accommodations for residents; Independent Living, Personal Care and Memory Care, offering seniors a continuum of care - a chance to age in place. It is managed by Blue Harbor Senior Living.

A one-bedroom apartment at Arbour Square goes for roughly $3,700 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment goes for just over $6,000 per month. But the cost depends largely on senior living room type and care services that are needed.

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